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Volkswagen Amarok 580X 2022.

Volkswagen Amarok 580X 2022.

Volkswagen Amarok 580X 2022.

Volkswagen Amarok 580X 2022: pickup truck for extreme off-road.

In Australia and the Middle East, there is still a strong demand for utility vehicles in pickup configuration with high off-road potential.

Volkswagen specialists have successfully implemented the restyling of the 2010 Amarok model, which will roll off the brand conveyors under the Volkswagen Amarok 580X 2022 brand.

Focused on extreme off-road conditions, the new model differs from its legendary predecessor with additional underbody protection and both sills, a powerful LED chandelier built into the front bumper, an off-road configuration of 18-inch forged wheels, increased ground clearance and the ability to install a snorkel to overcome deep water obstacles.


The design of the body of the extreme pickup is dominated by the typical American off-road vehicle details of the brutal-aggressive style, which are mostly focused on its frontal projection. In the photo, the novelty clearly demonstrates:

ribbed sidewalls of the large-format bonnet;

a radiator lining mesh decorated with silver overlays and the brand logo;

angular blocks of combined LED optics.

Volkswagen Amarok 580X 2022.

The presence of a powerful engine and high off-road potential are indicated by the enlarged formats of the ventilation air intake and air diffusers, the size of the protective panel of the front body kit.

Courageously and with a certain amount of brutality, the new body of the Volkswagen Amarok 580X 2022 pickup truck is designed in a profile perspective.

The main features of the classic corporate layout are complemented by new technological and design solutions. In the spotlight:

flat, slightly sloping roof of the cab compartment;

narrow perimeter and wide double side glazing pillars;

rectangular geometry of doorways;

Complete with protective hinges, square contours of the wheel arches.

The status of the all-terrain vehicle is confirmed by the high ground clearance, compact overhangs and the presence of static tubular-type steps.

Stylish and modern pickup of the new generation looks in the rear projection.

Attention is drawn to the rear window format enclosed in a ribbed casing, the protruding stepped relief of the tailgate, extended functionality and branded graphics of vertical rectangular lamps.

Volkswagen Amarok 580X 2022.

The package also includes a raised plastic body kit equipped with towing eyes and a full-size spare wheel attached to an external suspension.

Judging by the comments of the participants in the presentation, the layout of the body and the appearance of the pickup in the perception of young motorists and drivers with solid experience evoke only positive emotions.

Many potential buyers plan to use the operational potential of the novelty in various types of outdoor activities.


The design of the spacious five-seater, fabric or kozhimite, interior is dominated by elements of a typical retro style for many prestigious SUVs. These are, first of all:

analog dials;

combined in one block layout of the media command monitor and ventilation deflectors;

the control panel typical for the models of previous years with analog activators of the onboard options.

The design of the steering wheel with two blocks of command buttons and a column adjustable in height and tilt remained unchanged.

Volkswagen Amarok 580X 2022.

The low and wide tunnel includes transmission and parking brake levers, several organizers and an armrest structurally combined with the mini-refrigerator cover; the seats of the first and second rows are well profiled, but the effectiveness of lateral support raises some doubts.

The disadvantage partially compensates for the quality of the filler, the expanded possibilities of the adjusting ranges of the pilot seats, the presence of a folding armrest built into the back of the center seat.

In the complete set of new items, one can note the advanced characteristics of the on-board multimedia complex, climate control and navigation systems, active safety circuits and electronic assistants.


When evaluating the appearance of the new pickup, its body dimensions, edited in the ratios of 5254 x 1944 and 1834 mm, and the ground clearance increased to 203 mm, are impressive.

The design features of the chassis with a wheelbase of 3097 mm include four-wheel drive without a reduction gear, independent spring-spring axle suspension, front disc and rear shoe brakes.

Volkswagen Amarok 580X 2022.

The basic engine is a two-liter turbocharged diesel with 180 hp output, which is accompanied by a 6-speed manual transmission or an 8-speed automatic all-wheel drive.

The top modification is promised with a three-liter power unit with a capacity of up to 258 hp.

The test drive confirmed the traction and speed parameters of the pickup, the real off-road potential and the well-coordinated interaction of the component equipment, corresponding to the status.

Its results are not freely available.

In the global market, the new Volkswagen Amarok 580X 2022 model year is announced in several trim levels.

The price of new items in ruble terms varies in the range from 1.1 to 2 million units of the Russian currency. According to experts, the novelty is included in the segment of cars with a nominal cost / performance ratio.

Sales start in Russia

Despite the stable level of demand, there are no pickups of the Amarok model range on the domestic market.

A utility vehicle of this class meets the needs of domestic motorists, as well as representatives of small businesses and heads of special services.

Subject to all agreements, the release date in Russia of the Volkswagen Amarok 580X 2022 model may be known in the middle of the first half of 2022.

Competing models

In the list of similar competitors, the leading places belong to the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger models. Nissan Navara, Mazda BT50 and Mitsubishi L200.

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