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Volkswagen Amarok W580X 2022.

Volkswagen Amarok W580X 2022.

Volkswagen Amarok W580X 2022.

The new off-road VW Amarok W580X is officially released. Prices and specifications are published.

Volkswagen has officially unveiled the new Amarok W580X, designed for active off-road driving.

The car will arrive in showrooms in April 2022. Prices for it start at $ 77390 (about 5.7 million rubles).

The German novelty differs from its standard version by the presence of differential breathers, all-road tires, additional underbody protection and mountain sliders.

In addition, engineers reinforced the suspension of the truck and placed a LED strip on the front bumper.

The technical part of the pickup remains the same. Under the hood is located a 3-liter turbodiesel engine, which develops up to 258 hp and 580 N*m of torque.

In preparation for the new Amarok W580X, Volkswagen engineers raised the front suspension by 40 mm and added 18-inch forged wheels to the pickup.

At the same time, measures were taken to protect the gearbox and transfer case from water.

Volkswagen Amarok W580X 2022.

Optionally with the German model offered sport front seats, which are complemented by electronic adjustment in 14 directions, leather seats and navigation system.

Representatives of Volkswagen said the LED strip, built-in the front bumper, the characteristics are superior to those installed on other Amarok competitors.

They did not specify what parameters were compared.

Volkswagen Amarok W580X 2022.

Also the new Amarok W580X received twin-tube shock absorbers of increased diameter.

Visually the pickup is different because of enlarged wheel arches, sports grille, paddle shifters and dual-zone climate control.

For the development and construction of extreme modification is responsible local company Walkinshaw, which previously worked with the defunct Holden (division Holden Special Vehicles belonged to Walkinshaw) and has a full assembly plant in Melbourne.

Volkswagen Amarok W580X 2022.

And the cooperation began last year with the release of «sporty» pickup Amarok W580.

The new version W580X is designed for a fast off-road, so the main improvements are in the chassis.

Ground clearance is increased, equipped with two-pipe shock absorbers MTV, additional protection under the bottom and a large off-road tires. Snorkel is offered as an option.

Volkswagen Amarok W580X 2022.

The standard package also includes a new grille, optional diode spotlight in the bumper, sill guards, black decals and decals on the body.

And the interior includes new velour seat upholstery and metal trim.

The W580 and W580X versions are equipped with the most powerful Amarok 3.0 turbodiesel V6 engine with an output of 258 hp and 580 Nm.

The transmission is an eight-speed automatic and permanent all-wheel drive without downshift.

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