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Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake 2021.

Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake 2021.

Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake 2021.

Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake (station wagon) 2021: a charged version of the executive German.
Not so long ago, the management of Volkswagen began thinking about expanding the segment of potential buyers for the relatively young Arteon model.

The result is a representative and at the same time practical Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake 2021.

The car, planned for release in the station wagon body, will certainly be interesting both for young people due to its bright appearance, and for older drivers who will appreciate the ergonomic interior and improved engine compartment characteristics.

The main parameters of the novelty have not yet been disclosed, but there is reason to believe that the combination of quality, practicality and price will allow the car to take its place in the market and sell no worse than its predecessor in a body form factor more familiar for this class.


Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake 2021.

From the first photo of the novelty, you can understand that this is not a repetition of something that existed before, but a completely independent futuristic-looking project.

The 2021 Volkswagen Arteon (station wagon) is a striking example of corporate business style, complemented by sporty elements.

There is not a lot of decor here, since the car is designed to conquer others: a streamlined silhouette, distinguished by excellent aerodynamics, as well as a low, as if «flying» roof.

The front of the new body looks brightest. It is set very low, is of medium length, but wide at the same time. At the top, a dynamically tilted windshield in a glossy black perimeter catches the eye.

Below is a slightly sloping bonnet with prominent longitudinal ribs that lead the eye towards a wide grille VW-style grille with a huge company logo in the middle.

To the right and to the left of it flaunt blocks of daring front lighting technology, separated by LED navigation lights boomerangs.

Completing the muzzle is a muscular body kit that includes a reserve air intake and sports diffusers on the sides.

The restyling and the profile part of the novelty, which looks unusually aggressive for a station wagon, have been tangibly affected.

Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake 2021.

It begins with a smooth fastback roof line that becomes noticeably lower towards the rear of the body. A little below, there are narrow, evil windows in a highly visible chrome frame and separated by thick pillars.

They are harmoniously complemented at the front by rounded, relatively small mirrors containing turn signal repeaters in any configuration.

Immediately underneath all this begins a not so noticeable, thanks to smooth lines, relief, abutting powerful thresholds with chrome lining, as well as large wheel arches with beautiful, large discs inside.

The feed of the new model resembles a crossover in its outlines.

This is indicated, in particular, by a spoiler with brake light repeaters in the upper part, a small, slightly tilted rounded glass, as well as a large body kit with horizontal foglights, ribbed transitions and a clearly visible diffuser, along the edges of which there are rectangles of exhaust pipes trimmed with chrome.


Finishing materials of the new Volkswagen Arteon (station wagon) 2021 model year — good-quality plastic, leather, metal inserts and a few fabrics — allow the new product to be ranked as a premium segment.

Excellent multimedia is complemented by comfortable and high-quality seating, which will provide a convenient and pleasant travel at any distance.

Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake 2021.

Control and management bodies

The front panel looks powerful and impressive due to the multi-layer design and a solid three-spoke multifunction steering wheel.

Immediately behind it begins a digital instrument cluster that combines the classic-looking dial gauges, as well as a rather large on-board computer screen.

The center console features a bright analogue clock, elongated air vents, and a medium-sized multimedia touchscreen monitor. Below is a bright block of salon microclimate.

Next is the central tunnel, starting from the technical platform, which includes the handle for working with the transmission, as well as several buttons for the travel mode switches.

Then there is a recess covered with a curtain for small things, organizers, as well as a massive armrest, in the depths of which there is a large refrigerated compartment.

Seats and luggage compartment.

There will be five seats in the car, each of which has a convenient profile, as well as a comfortable, very soft filling. The front row will be heated, ventilated and electronically controlled.

At the back it will be possible to adjust the backrest, extend the armrest in the absence of a central passenger, but the main advantage of this row is a large amount of free space in the belt, shoulders and above the head of passengers.

As for the trunk, then, as shown by a test drive, even without folding anything, you can get over 560 liters of free space. If you fold the back row, this figure can be almost tripled.

Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake 2021.


The heart of the Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake 2021 will be one of six power plants, which will be paired with a six-speed «mixer» or a 7-band «robot».

In this case, the drive, in all likelihood, will only be offered front.

In the database, the car will receive a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with a return of 150 «horses». In the top, with a volume of two liters, the gasoline engine will be able to show 190 and 280 forces, respectively.

Also, there will be exactly three engines in the range of diesel engines. Their capacity will be 150, 190 and 240 «horses».

Road trials have proven that the car can quickly start, drive and cope with most difficult situations both in the city and on the highway.

Options and prices

The starting price of the novelty is still unknown, but experts suggest that, given the cost of the civilian pre-reform Arteon at 2.7 million rubles, the wagon will come close to the 3 million mark.

At the same time, top-end configurations will be more expensive by about half a million rubles.

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