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Volkswagen Bora 2022.

Volkswagen Bora 2022.

Volkswagen Bora 2022.

Renewed Volkswagen Bora sedan: branded flatbed and trimmed range.

«The four-door has changed both outside and inside. As for the technology, according to preliminary data, the base «atmospheric engine» has been removed from the range.

Thus, the model will be offered with two turbocharged engines to choose from.

European market Volkswagen Bora sedan left back in the early 2000s, giving way to the Jetta, however, in China the name Bora is used until now, and there are manufactured and sold two generations simultaneously, for the manufacture is responsible JV FAW Volkswagen.

Thus, the «four-door» model of 2016 is considered the third generation, it is based on the «bogie» from the old Golf.

The «fourth» sedan has been in service since 2018, it is built on the MQB platform.

The previous, «third» Bora has not undergone significant changes since its premiere, and it is possible that this model is being prepared for retirement. But the sedan of the last generation has gone through a planned restyling.

Volkswagen Bora 2022.

Volkswagen itself updated Bora has not yet presented, but back in January the model showed up in pictures of the local Ministry of Industry (title image), in addition the cars have already started to ship to dealers: in the back of one of the showrooms from all sides of the sedan clicked off the photographer publication Autohome.

«Four-door» has received different headlights, grille and bumpers, plus she got a new design rims.

Volkswagen Bora 2022.

By the way, located in the middle of the grille, most likely, will glow.

After restyling, the length of Bora increased by 9 mm to 4672 mm, the height is now 1478 mm (+16 mm). Width and wheelbase are the same — 1815 and 2688 mm, respectively.

The main update inside is a big multimedia touchscreen, which rises above the front panel (the pre-reform sedan has the screen built into the panel).

Volkswagen Bora 2022.

Note, almost all latest Chinese VW have the similar tablet (among them, for example, restyled Teramont, Tiguan and Sagitar).

Also replaced the steering wheel and trim materials. Well, the «fourth» Bora had virtual «dashboard» and touchscreen control unit «climate» before.

Volkswagen Bora 2022.

Chinese write that the basic «atmospheric» 1.5 (113 hp) is retired, and the five-speed «mechanics» and classic six-speed «automat» are gone with it.

Thus, upgraded VW Bora will be available only with petrol turbo engines 1.2 TSI (116 hp) and 1.4 TSI (150 hp) which are combined with a seven-speed gearbox DSG.

The restyled sedan will celebrate its official premiere in the near future. The pre-reformed «fourth» Bora with a turbo-engine costs from $21,000, with the «atmospheric» — from $17,000.

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