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Volkswagen e-up 2022.

Volkswagen e-up 2022.

Volkswagen e-up 2022.

It’s too early to retire: the Volkswagen e-up! is back on the market after a break.

Volkswagen’s most affordable electric car will soon be available for order again on the European market.

The small electric hatchback has been withdrawn from sale in 2020 because of the hype demand!

The electric VW e-up! hit the European market in 2013, that is, even before the dieselgate and mass electric fever began.

In 2019, the battery-powered «baby» underwent a planned upgrade, which resulted in a higher-capacity battery of 32.3 kW∙h, a full charge of which is sufficient for 260 km of travel on the WLTP cycle.

The 83 hp electric motor allows to get the first «hundred» for 11.9 seconds, the maximum speed is limited at 130 km/h.

Considering the starting price of 22 thousand euros and the generous European subsidies for the purchase of electric cars, the 2019 e-up! turned out to be a very favorable offer, and city residents began to line up for it.

The problem is that Volkswagen was not ready for such a demand for the e-up!: by the beginning of 2020, its cumulative sales in previous years amounted to 21,000 units, and then suddenly there was an avalanche-like increase in demand, which was in no way linked to the «sluggish» production plan of the plant in Bratislava (Slovakia).

Volkswagen e-up 2022.

With the coronavirus that had hit the world, it was impossible to ramp up production quickly, and the queue for the e-up! stretched for more than a year, so they had to stop taking orders.

Customers were willing to wait even longer, but the e-up! — is a low-margin model, which makes sense for VW only in conjunction with government subsidies for automakers, and these subsidies in the key German market for the model in late 2021 planned to cancel.

The German government has changed its mind and extended the subsidies until 2022, and therefore the VW e-up! will soon be back on the market, the German publication Automobilwoche reported.

Volkswagen e-up 2022.

After the «cambec» the e-up! will become more expensive and will cost about 26,500 euros in basic configuration, but it is still much cheaper than the next in the hierarchy electric hatchback VW ID.3, for which you should pay at least 36,960 euros, so even with the increased price tag the e-up! is likely to sell out, including rental companies, which are in great need of inexpensive «electric cars».

Volkswagen e-up 2022.

By the way, without Automobilwoche we wouldn’t have noticed a pause in sales of the VW e-up! because it figures in the statistics of sales for 2021 as a tail of the queue, that is, it was impossible to buy it, but there were shipments, and that is what the statistics takes into account.

So, according to the resource CleanTechnica, in the first 11 months of last year, Volkswagen shipped in Europe as much as 32,990 copies of the e-up!

Volkswagen e-up 2022.

With this result, the little hatchback has overtaken the honored Nissan Leaf (29,575 units), but lagged behind such active market participants as Peugeot e-208 (38,257 units) and Fiat 500e (39,530 units).

VW ID.3 for the same period was sold out 63,345 pcs., and the leader of the market of electric cars in Europe was American Tesla Model 3 (115,485 pcs).

How long will stay in service VW e-up!, is unknown — can only this year, and maybe until 2025, when it will finally have a successor, the development of which is overseen by Seat.

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