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Volkswagen Golf 8 2020.

Volkswagen Golf 8 2020

Volkswagen Golf 8 2020.

Volkswagen Golf 8 2020 — charged hatchback versions of the GTI, GTD, GTE
After the debut of the eighth generation of Golf in December last year, all fans of the popular hatch froze in anticipation of “charged” modifications in gasoline (GTi), diesel (GTD) and hybrid (GTE) versions.

As in previous times, the new items will please with a more sporty design and one of the powerful engines of the company.

Spoiler: this year the variations of the Golf 8 added more power than before.

Volkswagen Golf 8 2020


Like the base model, the GTi, GTD and GTE are based on the modular MQB platform. At the presentation of the Golf itself, it was agreed that it was modernized. Regarding the charged hatch, no improvements were made in this regard. The only thing stated is that the torsion beam representing the rear suspension (front MacPherson struts) has been reinforced.

Adaptive shock absorbers and an electronic differential lock will also be offered as options. Regarding the transmission, the gasoline version is equipped with a 6-speed mechanics or a robot with two clutches, the diesel engine will receive only a robot, like a hybrid, only in the latter case an electric motor will be built into it.

Immediately it is worth noting that the dynamic characteristics of the Volkswagen Golf 8 will be announced only at the presentation, since apparently they plan to at least impress the public.

Volkswagen Golf 8 2020

So far, they can be assumed on the basis of available data on power units:

GTi is a turbo engine that could previously be seen in the seventh generation Perfomance. Power will be the same 245 hp at 370 Hm, but most likely he nevertheless experienced some improvements;

GTD is also a turbocharged unit with 2 liters of volume and a 200 hp return. at 400 Hm. It is noteworthy that the motor received a dual recirculation loop and direct injection of urea;

GTE — ICE engine is represented by a 1.4-liter gasoline engine with a supercharger of 150 hp, and an electric train (built into the robot) of 116 hp

Regarding the hybrid, one cannot but say that it got the opportunity to recharge from the outlet, and the 13 kWh battery will allow you to drive 60 km purely on electric traction, and the maximum speed in electric traction mode will be 130 km / h.

So far, this is all that we managed to squeeze out from the brief announcements of the manufacturer and some insiders. By analogy with previous generations, the exhaust system, chassis, the presence of improved stabilization, etc., should also be modernized, so that it remains to wait for the official debut.

Volkswagen Golf 8 2020


Like the original version of the new Golf, the 2-door variation resigned. Now only a 5-door. All three hatch hats have a uniform appearance, but differ from the analogue with a new body kit in front with a huge air intake hidden behind a wide-mesh grille.

There is also a difference in the architecture of the rear bumper, in particular due to the difference in the exhaust system. The GTI received two large pipes on both sides, a diesel twin nozzle on the left, and a hybrid built-in nozzle in the bumper itself on both sides.

The powertrain variations can be distinguished by one more decorative moment — minimalistic stripes (red on the GTi, gray on the GTD and blue on the GTE) on the false front.

Volkswagen Golf 8 2020


In the interior space, the architecture has been preserved, but point changes are naturally available. In particular, the armchairs received a more sporty profile and a checkered finish similar to dash on a false flower grate.

You can also notice the modified interface of the virtual tidy and touchscreen of the media system, which also increased to 10 inches each, 30 contour lighting options and a new multifunction steering wheel with a wider rim with ergonomic handles for easy grip.

And one cannot fail to note the signature chip — a golf ball on the wings of a mechanical box.


In terms of competition, as before, those who want Golf will only buy Golf. And for the inexperienced, there is an option with other Germans in the form of the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series, or the new generation of the Italian SEAT Leon.

Also, you should not forget about the Toyota Yaris, which will be released in 2020 in a charged variation.

Price and sales start date

Volkswagen was planning a spectacular release at the Geneva Motor Show in March, but the event was canceled due to the epidemiological situation.

Therefore, it remains to wait for the official demonstration a little later, especially since the release date is already planned for the summer of 2020, so VW still has a lot of time.

The Russian market is also represented on the sales list, but the exact dates (most likely will arrive in the 2021st), as well as prices have not yet been announced. It remains only to recall that the price tag for the eighth generation begins with 2.2 million rubles. The price of the charged hatch will most likely be around 3 million rubles.

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