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Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept.

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept.

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept — a harbinger Golf 8th generation.

The concept hybrid sports car Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept presented in 2015 by the German company Volkswagen AG within the framework of the 34th GTI festival in Austria on the shore of Lake Wörth (Wörthersee).

Concept Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport from Volkswagen has attracted our attention not only fantastically stylish body design and unusual interior decoration, but also a mass of innovative technical solutions (a body of carbon fiber, hybrid propulsion system with a turbocharged petrol engine and a pair of electric motors).

And most importantly, the Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept 2015-2016 is the harbinger of the next Volkswagen Golf 8th generation, which is scheduled for release in 2017.


Yeah, it looks like a new concept from Volkswagen as a real racing car, which, in fact, is. A few figures, eloquently describing the vehicle: the maximum speed — 280 mph, acceleration dynamics of up to 100 mph — 4.3 seconds, the chassis is set for a perfect passage Nürburgring. Here is a harbinger of the new Golf !!!


Body Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept is almost entirely made of carbon fiber, of course, there are parts made of aluminum and steel with different degrees of strength.

For the German manufacturer is not the first production car of this ultra-strong, ultra-light and … expensive material such as carbon.


Fantastically powerful and fast Bugatti Veyron 16.4 and super economical Volkswagen XL 1 also boast bodywork of carbon fiber. The latter, incidentally, is shared with the new concept of the side doors of «gull wing», rising up with a large part of the roof.


According to preliminary information, the external dimensions of the body Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept 2015 amount to 4127 mm long, 1869 mm wide, 1235 mm high, with a 2505 mm wheelbase.

On the front axle mounted tires 235/35 R20, rear axle tires are 275/30 R20. Alloy 20-inch wheels with the original design drawings are made of aluminum.


For the body color of the new concept from Volkswagen used enamel White Club, but the most interesting and significant for the designers of the car body components made of carbon fiber and are visually accented note: trim strip stylish emphasizing narrow full LED headlights framing false radiator grille, splitter on the lower edge of the front bumper, aerodynamic side skirts, inserts on the doors, the roof organically flow into the rear spoiler, insert under the tailgate, the lower part of the rear bumper with a diffuser.


We have to admit that the concept Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport despite its futuristic and fantastic looks very real car, which is confirmed by photos and videos.

Visitors to the 34th GTI festival in Austria received not only an opportunity to contemplate the car body from the outside, but also to look into the interior of the German concept, and even sit in a double cabin.


Interior Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept 2015

no less fabulous than the car body, and thus breaks the usual understanding of the layout of the cabin and the presence of traditional equipment.

Salon concept of carbon fiber and microfiber is divided into two equal beam cockpit purse, driver and passenger seat-mounted racing buckets with five-point safety belts.

The ergonomics of the driver’s seat — that’s the most important aspect in the cabin. In the presence of the instrument panel with three transparent displays, arranged one behind the other, on the farthest displays information about the speed and cruising range, the second power currently generated by the power plant (separately for internal combustion engines and electric motors), and the closest number included transfer and information and recovery mode.

Instead of the usual steering wheel mounted steering wheel with gearshift paddles for gear selection, separating the parlor on a beam of carbon placed engine start button, controls external and internal light, ABC and even fire-extinguishing system. Interestingly, even the passenger set a narrow display, duplicate readings from the instrument panel.


On the concept of interior ceiling placed three toggle switches, responsible for the activation of the driving modes: E-Mode (fully electric driving mode out under two electric motors, reserve batteries have enough energy by 50 km), Hybrid mode (electronics takes his own decisions on the use of internal combustion engines, electric motors, Driving mode battery charging and recovery), GTE-mode (full output power of the power-generating installation of 400 hybrid forces and providing four-wheel drive).

About GTE-Mode Motion mode, you must give details.

When you activate this mode Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept turns into a real sports car: from 0 to 50 mph for 1.8 seconds, from 0 to 100 kmh in 4.3 seconds, from 0 to 130 kmh in 6.5 seconds, acceleration to 200 kmch for 15.9 seconds, top speed of 280 mph.

So in this mode will not be displayed in addition to the extra dashboard data on lateral acceleration, lap times and even a hint in the form of a virtual ideal trajectory cornering one of the tracks (tracks card loaded in the computer’s memory).

Specifications Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept 2015.

Under the carbon-fiber bodywork of the German concept hides a hybrid propulsion system, capable of delivering at the peak of up to 400 hp and 670 Nm of torque.

The structure of the hybrid installation includes four petrol 1.6-liter TSI engine (299 hp 400 Nm) from the rally Volkswagen Polo R WRC, the front electric motor (115 hp 330 Nm) is integrated into a robotic gearbox 6 DSG, and on the rear axle set another an electric motor (115 hp 270 Nm), traction lithium battery (can be charged from a network).

In the hybrid driving mode (Hybrid mode) fuel consumption according to the manufacturer is about 2 liters per 100 kilometers.

Volkswagen AG chief designer Klaus Bischoff confirms that many design and technical solutions, as demonstrated at the conceptual Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport, will be applied in the production version of the new Volkswagen Golf 8 generations, and will be the starting point for other models of the concern.

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept Video

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