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Volkswagen I.D Vizzion 2023.

Volkswagen I.D Vizzion 2023.

Volkswagen I.D Vizzion 2023.

Volkswagen is testing a mysterious electric car based on the Vizzion concept.

The latest VW I.D model looks like an electric Passat in spy photos.

The I.D. Vizzion concept car was introduced back in 2018 at the Geneva Motor Show. Then the show car was positioned as an «avant-garde premium sedan.»

In 2019, the concept was followed by the Space Vizzion station wagon, both of which were considered harbingers of future Volkswagen production models, scheduled to appear in 2023.

Now photographers have captured a four-door version that is being tested in Europe. However, as you can see, the production model bears little resemblance to the concept unveiled almost four years ago.

The camouflaged test electric car in the photo shows completely closed grille, expressive front bumper and central air intake with «honeycomb» pattern.

The silhouette of the new electric car resembles the rest of the ID range. The prototype is also equipped with aerodynamic wheels and high side skirts.

The latter help to hide the battery. At the stern, we see a built-in rear spoiler and a wide third brake light.

The prototype also features a large glass roof and flush-mounted door handles. But it’s hard to judge about the size of the future novelty.

Volkswagen I.D Vizzion 2023.

The length of the Vizzion exceeds 5.16 meters with a wheelbase of 3.1 meters. Recall also that the ID. Vizzion has a battery of 111 kWh, 302-horsepower twin-motor propulsion system, and all-wheel drive.

Such electric car accelerated to a hundred in 6.3 seconds, and its range reached 665 kilometers.

However, previous reports suggested that the production model would be offered with rear and all-wheel drive and several types of battery.

Volkswagen I.D Vizzion 2023.

Continuing the established naming hierarchy, the novelty could go by the name ID.7.

Volkswagen is testing a mysterious electric car based on the Vizzion concept.

Volkswagen is marketing itself in the electric-powered car segment. A mysterious vehicle whose appearance resembles the brand’s high-profile concept was recently spotted on tests.

Volkswagen I.D Vizzion 2023.

The I.D Vizzion show car was shown by the Volkswagen manufacturer back in 2018 at the show held in Geneva.

At that time, the concept was presented as an avant-garde sedan belonging to the premium segment. Already the following year, the Space Vizzion was shown as a station wagon body.

Recently, photographers have noticed a 4-door car on the roads of Europe. The appearance has almost no resemblance to the previously presented concepts.

Volkswagen I.D Vizzion 2023.

The body has a closed grille and its silhouette matches the design of the ID range. The prototype was equipped with high side skirts and wheels, providing excellent aerodynamics.

It is difficult to estimate the dimensions from the photo. Recall that the Vizzion had a length of 516 cm and a wheelbase of 310 cm. According to the manufacturer, the production version of the model should get rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, as well as several types of batteries.

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