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Volkswagen ID.3 2022.

Volkswagen ID.3 2022.

Volkswagen ID.3 2022.

The new Volkswagen ID.3 is the best solution for urban travel. Review of the German model that has become more popular than the Tesla.

All sorts of difficulties and stress keep us from fully enjoying life, so we could turn the way to get to and from work into pleasure in a car that could meet those needs, such as the Volkswagen ID.3 2022.

Volkswagen’s ID-series electric cars are new-age products that are available in China.

They have already taken the lead in terms of brand influence.

A few years ago, Volkswagen developed the ID.3 model aimed at the European market.

It is a compact hatchback that suits local tastes. After its arrival on the car counter, its sales surpassed the Tesla.

In 2021, SAIC Volkswagen introduced the ID.3, made in China.

The car uses the design language of the ID family. The closed grille and large protrusions on either side of the bumper are very recognizable.

Volkswagen ID.3 2022.

Passing light bars connect the left and right headlights, and their interior graphics are very nice.

A projection animation effect is provided when turned on. This is the IQ.LIGHT technology belonging to high-end models, which is equivalent to matrix headlights, and the light spectrum is wider than that of conventional LED optics.

Volkswagen ID.3 2022.

The taillights are also equipped with LED light sources, and the angular patterns and two-tone body painting are very individual.

The overall design of the car has become more refined, with all the details reflecting the difference from the regular car.

Volkswagen ID.3 2022.

The dimensions of the body are 4261x1778x1568 mm, the distance between the axles is 2765 mm, and the aerodynamic drag coefficient is only 0.267.

The exceptional advantage of electric cars with a long wheelbase allows maximizing interior space.

This comes from the MEB platform. The interior design of the Volkswagen ID.3 is also directly borrowed from the original design: the light blue and white colors of the cockpit are very fresh.

Volkswagen ID.3 2022.

The small, full-size LCD display can display a wealth of information, including driving status, vehicle speed, energy consumption, etc.

Models on the Volkswagen MEB platform are mostly rear-wheel drive.

The rear engine produces 170 horsepower and 310 N*m of torque, which is enough for use in daily city scenarios.


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