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Volkswagen Polo 2020.

Volkswagen Polo 2020..

Volkswagen Polo 2020.

Volkswagen Polo 2020: family car model in the sedan and hatchback versions
The range of inexpensive, comfortable and functional sedans of the Volkswagen Polo series was replenished with the post-styling version of the Volkswagen Polo 2020.

In the sixth generation, the new model received:
decorated in a recognizable corporate style body;
updated salon interior;
a number of changes in the chassis and a modified engine range in terms of efficiency.

The modernized Polo sedan of 2020 model offers 11 options for body decor, an expanded selection of rims, different in composition and cost of equipment equipment. The novelty is also planned for release in a modification with a hatchback body.

Volkswagen Polo 2020..


The appearance of the modernized sedan evolved with an emphasis on practicality and functionality. The body layout shows elements of the style of the popular Golf lineup.
In a frontal view, the Volkswagen Polo 2020 traditionally shows a sporty tilt angle of the windshield and an elegant hood complemented by longitudinal functional profiles. Angular blocks of front optics are located on the same line with the compact radiator cladding.

The horizontal bar of the grill carries a chrome brand logo. In the new edition, the bumper has got an additional slotted air intake and modified blocks installed in the side diffusers of fog lamps.
The new body profile is characterized by:

dynamic roof line, typical for coupe models, falling to the stern;
enlarged format of side windows enclosed in a plastic perimeter;
branded body parts and original wheel design.

The aft part of the body is modestly and tastefully decorated. The panoramic format of the rear glazing, the decorative spoiler lip of the compact luggage compartment lid and the trapezoidal shape of the lamps with LED fittings are in sight.
The relatively narrow bumper is decorated with a decorative trim and chrome trim sports exhaust pipe. In the design of the stern, a combination of wave and step reliefs was successfully used.

Volkswagen Polo 2020..


The interior design is dominated by modern style, comfort, ergonomics and functionality. In the decorative and decorative assortment, relatively inexpensive, at the same time, high-quality materials.
The left side of the front panel is used for placement of a ventilation deflector and a digital instrument panel, which also works in the navigator and on-board computer monitor mode.

The upper part of the three-tiered center console is occupied by a multimedia tablet supplemented with command functionality, in the middle is a pair of air ducts.
The design panel of the audio tuning console and standard comfort-forming options completes the design.
At the junction of the console and the central tunnel, you can see the switching ports of media equipment with external electronic-digital peripherals.

Volkswagen Polo 2020..

Functional equipment of the tunnel includes a platform with a gear shift knob, pockets for shallow luggage and a set of cup holders. On the right side of the driver’s seat is the handbrake lever.
The design of the multifunctional leather-trimmed steering wheel, with command button blocks extended to the expanded spokes, provides a good view of the digital panel and a comfortable grip from all positions.

The service list of driver and side passenger seats offers elements of lateral support and a fairly large selection of operational adjustments; a heating system is promised in a top-end modification.
To a lesser extent, another restyling affected the comfort of the rear sofa. Service functionality is limited by adjusting the tilt or transforming the backrest, which allows you to increase the capacity of the luggage compartment from standard 450 to 720 liters. For modifications with a hatchback body, this figure is 150 liters lower.

Volkswagen Polo 2020..


Adapted to the technical and structural features of the MQВ A0 proprietary platform, the body of the Volkswagen Polo 2020 sedan, with overall dimensions of 4480 x 1751 and 1468 mm, is based on a front-wheel chassis with a base of 2,650 mm.
The combined type independent suspension is complemented by an effective anti-lock braking system and a running stabilizer. In the configuration of the top versions with more powerful drives, instead of steel 16-inch disks, alloy 17-inch analogues will be installed.

Modifications for the Russian market will be optimized taking into account road and climatic conditions.
The engine range of the base model offers atmospheric and turbocharged engines of 1.4 and 1.6 liters, with an output of 85 and 110 hp, the choice of transmissions is limited to a five-speed “mechanics” and a six-band automated transmission.
Moderate in modern terms, the acceleration and speed characteristics of the modernized sedan are offset by the economical consumption of fuels and lubricants, within 7, 5 l / 100 km of run.

Options and prices.

The post-styling version of the 2020 Polo is planned for release in five trim levels in the price range from 700,000 to 900,000 rubles. The price of each modification will be formed taking into account the number and functionality of standard and additional options.

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