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Volkswagen Polo 2021.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.

How much is the new 2021 Volkswagen Polo in Russia: according to the official dealer’s website, liftback prices range from 929,900 to 1,326,900 rubles. In our market, the car is sold in four trim levels: Origin, Respect, Status, Football Edition and Exclusive.

The line of Volkswagen Polo power units in a new body is represented by a 1.6-liter aspirated engine in two recoil options, as well as a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine.

The basic version is combined exclusively with mechanics, the DSG robot is put to the top, and the intermediate one can be chosen both with a manual transmission and with a traditional automatic transmission.

Complete set Volkswagen Polo 2021

In the basic configuration, the Origin liftback is equipped with 15-inch steel wheels, ABS, ESP, two airbags, a multimedia system with a 6.5-inch display and support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, front and rear power windows, LED headlights, central locking with remote control, as well as a standard audio system with MP3 support.

The next version of the Respect has air conditioning, heated seats, and electrically adjustable heated mirrors.

Starting with this configuration, the car is also equipped with an assistance system when starting off uphill, but the latter is reserved exclusively for cars with automatic transmission.

The pre-top version of the Status boasts 15-inch alloy wheels, climate control and passive cruise control.

In turn, the most expensive Exclusive equipment has rain and light sensors, engine start with a button, a multimedia system with an 8.0-inch screen, front and rear parking sensors, as well as fog lights.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.


The new body of the 2021 Volkswagen Polo is built on the «old» front-wheel drive platform PQ25, which is familiar from the Skoda Rapid.

This «bogie» is characterized by the transverse arrangement of the power plant and the widespread use of high-strength grades of steel in the structure.

An independent suspension with MacPherson struts is installed on the front of the liftback, and a semi-independent system with a torsion beam is installed at the rear. Plus, anti-roll bars are used on both axles of the car.

The front of the model is equipped with ventilated disc brakes, while the rear on the most affordable versions are drum mechanisms, while more expensive cars are put on the usual «pancakes».

Liftback Volkswagen Polo Mk6 has the following overall dimensions, mm

Length — 4 469
Width — 1 706
Height — 1 471
Wheelbase — 2 591
Ground clearance (clearance) — 163

The volume of the trunk of the five-door is 530 liters, and the manufacturer provides for the possibility of folding the back sofa, which makes it possible to increase the capacity of the cargo compartment to 1,460 liters.

All liftback versions have a 55-liter fuel tank. Depending on the equipment, the curb weight of the vehicle varies from 1,185 to 1,286 kg.

The base of the new Volkswagen Polo 2021 is a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine with 90 hp. (155 Nm) and five-speed mechanics.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.

With these units, the car is able to accelerate from zero to hundreds in 11.4 seconds, reaching speeds of up to 184 km / h.

The more powerful version is equipped with an aspirated engine of the same volume, developing 110 forces (155 Nm).

It can work with both the aforementioned mechanics and a six-speed automatic. On cars with manual transmission, acceleration from 0-100 km / h is possible in 10.7 seconds, and the maximum speed is 195 km / h. Indicators of cars with automatic transmission are 11.8 seconds and 190 km / h, respectively.

And VW Polo can be ordered with a 1.4-liter «turbo four» TSI, which works in tandem with a seven-band robot, developing 125 «horses» and 200 Nm of torque.

From 0-100 km / h, the top modification accelerates in 9.2 seconds, and its speed limit is 204 kilometers per hour.

Volkswagen Polo 2021 in a new body with atmospheric engines does not differ much in dynamics: the speed of such cars is set slowly and at the same time is accompanied by a loud roar of the engine.

In this regard, the turbo version is perceived almost as a sports car — there are no problems with it even when overtaking on the track.

The top motor works with the DSG7 robot, which until recently sinned with unpleasant jerking in the middle speed range.

Over the past year, the Germans have corrected this shortcoming, so now there are no such complaints about the transmission.

As for the chassis, the smoothness of the new Volkswagen Polo 2021 model year has become a little better, but the German will not allow forgetting about the road irregularities.

The energy intensity of the suspension still leaves much to be desired, and the passage of a speed bump at a speed of more than 30-40 km / h is fraught with a serious blow «in the gut».

Compared to its predecessor, the front seats have become more comfortable and gained some lateral support, but their frame is unified with the Rapid, which means there is a failure in the lumbar region.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.

As for the rear row, due to the wheelbase increased by 5 centimeters, it has become more spacious here, and the sofa itself has acquired a central armrest (in older trim levels).

There are no questions about the relative position of the main controls in the cabin, but the ergonomics of the new Polo are still not ideal.

Take, for example, the multifunction steering wheel set for the model. There are too many buttons on the latter (as many as 20), and their placement logic raises certain questions.

Volkswagen Polo with the new Football Edition

The Russian Volkswagen Polo liftback received a special version called «Football Edition». It is based on the «average» configuration of the Status and has a number of distinctive features.

Visually, the novelty can be recognized by the skirts on the front door sills and an additional nameplate at the stern.

In turn, the salon can boast of special floor mats with the logos of the Euro-2020 championship, which last year did not take place due to covid and was postponed to the summer of the twenty-first.

Volkswagen Polo 2021.

Compared to the original version, the VW Polo Football Edition includes USB ports on the second row, a rear view camera, a multimedia system with an 8.0 «display (6.5» in the base), and a front center armrest.

Plus, the so-called «fan kit» is designed to please the buyers. It includes a backpack, scarf, makeup and a teddy bear.

The first «football» Polos will appear in the salons of Russian dealers of the brand in April 2021 at a price of 1,129,900 rubles. Thus, the special version turned out to be 41,000 rubles more expensive than cars in the «Status» configuration.

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