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Volkswagen Polo 2022.

Volkswagen Polo 2022.

Volkswagen Polo 2022.

Volkswagen Polo 2022: all the details about the brand new European specification body.

Over 45 years of the Volkswagen Polo model, more than 20 million of these cars have been sold around the world.

Compact hatchbacks and sedans remain in demand today, although the modernization, which would increase the level of equipment of cars to modern, is subjected mainly VW Polo 2022 European specification.

Another restyling took place in the spring of 2021, while the Russian version of the model went a different way: they simply decided to unify it with the popular «budget» Skoda Rapid.

The restyling was expected, as 4 years have passed since the previous update.

Then the new car of the sixth generation became larger and more technically advanced, although the exterior has not changed, but rather, according to already established tradition, has evolved.

Volkswagen Polo 2022.

The increase in length of the new Volkswagen Polo 2022 body was 66 mm, width — 53 mm, which was a serious plus for a vehicle of this class.

Restyled version again updated the front and rear, point-to-point changes in the interior, expanded the equipment, but remained with a significantly cut down on the engine range.


The European hatch Volkswagen Polo 2022 model year henceforth comes only with LED optics, which can be changed to matrix optics for an additional fee.

Volkswagen Polo 2022.

To the block of running lights added a horizontal stripe running through the radiator grille, and the taillights increased in size, «coming» on the trunk lid.

To look at the exterior of the car with a new look also allows original wheels, and, always keep in mind, that Polo’s appearance can change essentially: with R-Line kitting hatchback automatically receives special skirts and decorations, and its wheels become 17-inch.


Interior changes are 8″ digital dashboard as standard (10.25″ — in more expensive versions) and new screen of multimedia complex with diameter of 6.5, 8.0 or 9.2 inches.

Also in the «base» are air conditioning, multicool and power elevators on all four doors.

The new climate control unit became fully touch screen, and improving the level of safety inside the car realized with the help of additional airbag, which opens between the driver and front passenger.

Volkswagen Polo 2022.

Technical stuffing

European Volkswagen Polo 2022 got rid of all engines on «heavy» diesel fuel and gasoline turbocharged four 1.5 TSI (150 hp) From now on you have to choose between the «three»: an atmospheric 1.0 MPI with 80 hp, Turbocharged 1.0 TSI with 95 hp, its forced version with 110 hp and the gas engine 1.0 TGI (90 hp).

Polo GTI version

A restyled version of the 2022 Polo GTI was introduced a little later than the main one.

As expected, it got a new bodykit, but the technical part had more serious changes: turbo 2.0 TSI was forced up to 207 hp, manual gearbox was abolished, and the «robot» was replaced by a seven-speed.

All this was done to improve dynamics: now the «charged» hatchback shoots up to a «hundred» in 6.5 seconds (previously — 6.7 seconds), and the maximum speed bar has increased by 2 km/h and now is 240 km/h.

Volkswagen Polo 2022.

Modifications and options in Russia

Russian Volkswagen Polo — this is a qualitatively different car, which uses a lot of nodes together with the Czech Rapid.

In our showrooms cars assembled in Kaluga are offered with gasoline engines in volume of 1.4 and 1.6 liters, with manual and automatic gearboxes, as well as a wide range of options: Origin, Respect, Status, Football Edition, Exclusive.

The most expensive equipment package includes LED projection headlights, alloy wheels of original design, rearview camera, heated seats, and other modern options.


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