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Volkswagen Polo (hatchback) 2023.

Volkswagen Polo (hatchback) 2023.

Volkswagen Polo (hatchback) 2023.

Volkswagen Polo (hatchback) 2023: a versatile hatchback with improved comfort and driving characteristics.

German concern Volkswagen is preparing the presentation of a new version of the five-door front-wheel drive compact hatchback — the Volkswagen Polo 2023.

In its sixth generation, the multi-purpose car of the budget segment is focused on the demands of automobile amateurs of different age categories.

The evolutionary restyling of the budget five-door received a lighter and stiffer platform, modern characteristics of the engine range, and thoroughly improved parameters of interior seating and road comfort.


The new body presents characteristic details of the Polo’s branded cars with design and layout solutions of other branded developments.

The planned version of the German hatchback is most strikingly and expressively designed in front projection. In the spotlight:

The typical configuration of the windshield;
Longitudinal double reliefs of the sides of the hollow sloping hood;
compact area of the radiator grille decorated with the company logo and chromed semi-closed perimeter;
aggressive look of the headlights with xenon fittings, equipped with bright dotted LED headlights.

Volkswagen Polo (hatchback) 2023.

Under the stepped profile of the slightly protruding narrow bumper, the horizontal slats of the lower air intake and the diffusers with integrated fog light sources located at the same level look excellent.

The hatchback photo from the side view shows the typical details of the traditional crossover layout, with a short section of the engine compartment, a sloping dome roof and a vertical plane of the rear trim.

From a lateral perspective, the new Volkswagen Polo looks no less modern and features:

The perfect aerodynamics of the hollow roof extended with a spoiler;
the sills going up towards the stern;
Wedge-shaped contours of the rear-view mirrors and wide longitudinal-ribbed profiles, typical for the model range of body reliefs.

In the design of the sides of the hatchback positive visual perception also form the stepped contours of the wheel wells and «turbine» design made of aluminum composite 16-inch wheels.

Volkswagen Polo (hatchback) 2023.

Elements of a crossover layout dominate the package and layout of the new hatchback’s stern. In the presence of:

The characteristic tandem of a spoiler and mounted with a large slope of the stern glazing;
trunk door decorated with brand symbols, inner sections of multifunctional clearance and stop lights and stepped relief profiles;
a set of fog lights and a small-sized bumper surround.

Typical design entourage of the stern is emphasized by decorative chrome plating of two exhaust pipes.

The urban profile of the new generation hatchback can be seen in the low ground clearance and the absence of off-road attachments.


Interior decorative and finishing range of the new hatchback is based on a very high quality for its price status materials, including leather, good elastic plastic and bright chrome plating expressive design accents.

Volkswagen Polo (hatchback) 2023.

Much of the command functionality is distributed between the multicontrol button blocks and the touchpad of the 9-inch media display of the central console.

The activation of additional equipment is done with the mechanical buttons and switches of the lower console.

Completion of the small tunnel consists of levers to switch modes of the automatic transmission and activation of the parking brake, a standard list of organizers and structurally combined with a cooled armrest.

The basic list of electronic equipment includes a multimedia system working with two digital standards, navigation and dual-zone climate control, as well as electronic assistants that facilitate driving at critical speeds and assist in negotiating steep curves.

Crossover profile first-row seats offer a typical set of service options, including side support, heating, ventilation and several electrified working adjustments.

The rear sofa can accommodate three adult occupants with minimal restrictions.

The rear sofa is easily convertible, with a subsequent 2.5-fold increase in usable volume of the 351-liter trunk.

Technical features

In the fresh version, the new body has a nominal change in external dimensions in the figures 4053 x 1751 and 1446 mm.

Front-wheel-drive chassis, with the classical combination of McPherson suspension and torsion beam, adapted to the constructional properties of the «bogie» series MQB-A0.

Volkswagen Polo (hatchback) 2023.

Indicators of the original interaxle base length of 2564 mm and a clearance height of 163 mm remain unchanged.

The Volkswagen Polo 2023 of the new generation does not have the unpopular diesel-engine drive in the European market.

The new version offers a choice of four gasoline versions, with output from 80-110 hp.

The complete engines will work in high-performance tandem with a 5-speed manual or DSG series robotized transmission.

The test drive of the 2023 Polo model has passed with flying colors on all parameters.

The results will be announced after a full and comprehensive check of all the results.

Features and prices

The new Volkswagen Polo 2023 model year in the hatchback body is announced in three main modifications, with several engine and transmission options.

In the countries of the European Union, the price of basic equipment is denoted by the amount of 16.2 thousand units of European currency.


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