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Volkswagen Polo Track 2023.

Volkswagen Polo Track 2023.

Volkswagen Polo Track 2023.

Germany’s Volkswagen announced a new investment program that will see the automaker spend 1 billion euros on the South American auto market by 2026.

First of all the allocated funds will be spent on the development and serial production of the affordable Volkswagen Polo Track model. This novelty was talked about half a year ago.

The first phase of production would be a crossover version of the popular on the car market Polo hatchback of Brazilian assembly, almost one hundred percent repeats the design for the European market. But everything was more difficult and interesting.

The model Polo Track will be the debut of a new low-cost family, which implies four models. They will replace the current localized in Brazil foreign cars Gol and Voyage.

Today the German concern has published only one teaser of the Polo Track model.

According to the image we can say that the upcoming novelty will remind a standard variant of the Polo.

The car will also be based on a modular architecture MQB. At that the model will look simpler and cheaper.

Volkswagen Polo Track 2023.

The Polo Track project has not yet been fully developed, and therefore the first demonstration of the car will be in 2023.

The Polo Track will be assembled at the Taubaté plant in Brazil, where they make the Voyage sedan and the Gol hatchback.

The standard Polo is being assembled at another Brazilian plant in São Bernardo do Campo.

Volkswagen has shown the budget Polo Track for the first time.

New Polo Track to become firstborn of whole family of models Volkswagen has revealed for the first time the Polo with the prefix Track.

Volkswagen Polo Track 2023.

The new car was created for Latin and South American markets as a replacement for the low-cost models Gol and Voyage, and the Polo Track will become the founding member of a family of compact budget cars.

It is known that the Polo Track will be based on the MQB platform, but it will not do without simplifications relative to its European counterpart.

Volkswagen will spend a billion euros to conquer the South American market within five years.

At the moment, the most affordable Volkswagen models in Latin and South America are the hatchback Gol and its derivatives — the sedan Voyage and pickup Saveiro.

Volkswagen Polo Track 2023.

All «budget cars» have been produced for more than ten years and are based on the old PQ24 platform, developed in the 1990s.

Probably, the Polo Track will be the starting point for all South American VWs to switch to the more modern MQB architecture.

There is no doubt that all novelties will be localized in Brazil.

Volkswagen Polo Track 2023.

However, the announcement Volkswagen only shows the plans of the German concern — large-scale investments are designed for five years, and serial production of the same Polo Track will not start until 2023.

It is not necessary to expect from South American «budget cars» technologies of European models A-Class, but the new family will have its own features.

In particular, the Polo Track will definitely have a bioethanol version, because this type of environmentally friendly fuel is very popular in Latin America.

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