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Volkswagen Talagon 2022.

Volkswagen Talagon 2022.

Volkswagen Talagon 2022.

Volkswagen Talagon 2022 is a new crossover in minimalist style.

The new crossover is based on the MQB platform which is identical to the Atlas. The Talagon body is longer than its predecessor, although the distance between axles in both is the same.

Length, mm — 5152
width, mm — 2002
Height, mm — 1795
Wheelbase, mm — 2980

The exterior of.

The exterior styling of the new model resembles Atlas and looks like the latest Touareg. The front end of the body is equipped with narrowed LED lights, located on the edges of the mesh-shaped grille, in the center of which the logo of the brand is located.

A characteristic feature of the front segment is the lack of expressiveness. However, the aesthetics of the front performed at the highest level, and secrecy of outlines, works to the advantage, as it adds the car, mystery and intrigue.

The profile of a body gives to understand at once about a three-row configuration of the model. This can be noticed by the large door windows and long wheelbase. From the side the SUV reminds a stretched VW Teramont.

Volkswagen Talagon 2022.

Some elements of the body don’t look quite harmonious and fall out of the general picture. It concerns the side mirrors. Too small mirrors contrast against a background of huge dimensions of the crossover. One wonders if it is specially invented by developers as a design feature or a minor defect.

The rear reminds the stern of the Touareg but looks more futuristic. The LED lights are made as a solid monoblock, stretched across the width of the body, which in the center crosses the brand logo.

Volkswagen Talagon 2022.


The interior is reminiscent of the style of Volkswagen’s compact cars, such as the Golf. The new SUV features quirky leather upholstery, intricate lighting and a massive sunroof that extends over the car’s first two rows of seats.

Visually, the interior of the Volkswagen Talagon 2022 evokes associations with a time machine and travel to the future.

Everything really looks technologically, fantastically and aesthetically. A lot of glossy elements delight the visual receptors.

The center section of the dashboard welcomes an 8 or 12.3-inch touchscreen display. Along with the screen, the multimedia system offers many other entertainment features. In addition, the driver controls the comfort and safety systems through the display.

Volkswagen Talagon 2022.

Traditionally for expensive premium cars, the Talagon offers a fully digital, informative dashboard.

Cabin architecture is designed for three rows of seats — depending on the configuration, the rear row of passenger seats will be equipped with separate seats or a continuous sofa. For extra charge, a panoramic roof and separate climate control for all rows of seats are promised.


The giant SUV will offer two types of TSI series powertrains.

The first base option is a two-liter motor with a power output of up to 180 hp.

The second is a 2.5-liter engine, twin-turbocharged V6 system with 295 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque.

Both types of motors work in tandem with a 7-speed DSG robotized transmission. The starting kit will offer buyers a front-wheel drive system. Higher versions will get full all-wheel drive.

Volkswagen Talagon 2022.

Safety and comfort

Safety of the driver and passengers is provided by 9 airbags and an automatic collision avoidance system.

Tri-zone climate control and a spectacular panoramic roof are responsible for comfort. A full list of available options will be announced closer to the release date.


The price of the basic version will be about 300,000 yuan, the equivalent of $46,000 or 3.5 million rubles.


In quality, reliability and comfort, auto products concern Volkswagen, including full-size SUV models, occupies a leading position in the world.

However, there are samples that are able to compete with the new crossover VW Talagon.

Among the most competitive SUVs are: Ford Explorer, BMW X4, Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, Land Rover Discovery Sport and Lexus RX 300.

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