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Volkswagen Taos Basecamp 2022.

Volkswagen Taos Basecamp 2022.

Volkswagen Taos Basecamp 2022.

Concept SUV developed in California.
Crossover Volkswagen Taos hinted at safari suitability.
Volkswagen Taos made a crossover for traveling with a compass in the mirror.

Volkswagen has introduced Taos Basecamp, a modification of the compact Taos crossover for travel and outdoor recreation. While this is a concept, Volkswagen intends to transform it into an optional styling package in the future.

The Taos Basecamp prototype was developed by Volkswagen’s design team in Oxnard, California.

Externally, it is easy to distinguish it from the standard crossover in Waimea blue with a black roof and hood, as well as bright orange accents, decals and nameplates.

The novelty, hung with additional off-road accessories, is usually expected to be seen in the Jeep brand line, but recently Volkswagen has increasingly offered its customers to move off the asphalt roads.

The novelty Taos, which bears the name of a city in the state of New Mexico, will be available to Americans next month, but for now, outdoor enthusiasts have decided to «process» a modification of Basecamp.

Volkswagen Taos Basecamp 2022.

Now this is only a concept, but judging by the path that the Atlas crossover has done not so long ago with a similar prefix to the name, the compact five-door for adventure has every chance of getting into the series, albeit in a simplified form.

Externally, the prototype differs from the usual crossover with plastic overlays on the fenders, silvery protective plates around the perimeter of the body, as well as orange inserts with the name of the modification and silhouettes of mountain peaks. Of course, it was not without identification plates.

Volkswagen Taos Basecamp 2022.

On the roof is the Thule Canyon XT off-road roof rack, which is equipped with an LED chandelier with five separate lights from Baja Designs. The fifteen52 Traverse MX wheels are fitted with 225 / 65R17 Falken Wildpeak A / T off-road tires.

Changes inside the car came down to a special Polytec Group partition, which separates the trunk from the main compartment. You can store adventure paraphernalia on the grill: carabiners, ropes, clothes, etc.
Note that Taos Basecamp is not just a pretty shell.

Volkswagen Taos Basecamp 2022.

Suspension elements provided by the H&R Special Springs team. How much the ground clearance has changed is not reported, but the fact that the distance from the surface to the car has grown can be seen with the naked eye.

The Volkswagen of America team noted that some of the accessories will be available for the model in the near future. Prices for a regular Taos in the States start at $ 22,995 (1.7 million rubles). The 1.5 petrol turbo four produces 160 hp. and 249 N • m.

The front-wheel drive version will receive an eight-speed «automatic», with a full — seven-speed «robot» DSG with two clutches.

Volkswagen Taos Basecamp 2022.

In the cabin of the compact cross, a mesh partition has appeared, which does not allow cargo to get into the cabin.

Not without technical know-how: the concept was the first Volkswagen model to receive a frameless Gentex HomeLink Bluetooth interior mirror with a built-in compass.

Volkswagen Taos will enter the US market in June this year. Soon, the compact model will appear in Russia: according to preliminary data, it will be offered in four levels of equipment with 1.6 and 1.4 engines, producing 110 and 150 horsepower, respectively, and optional all-wheel drive.

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