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Volkswagen Tavendor 2022.

Volkswagen Tavendor 2022.

Volkswagen Tavendor 2022.

A new Volkswagen Tavendor crossover is on the way. It will be based on the Teramont X.

Volkswagen is going to release a new crossover Tavendor, which will be based on the Teramont X. Initially the car will be released only on the Chinese market.

The Chinese joint ventures SAIC-Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen have long been producing competing models that expand the range and give customers more freedom of choice.

Marketers at Volkswagen came up with another name for the letter T, because in the already wide range of crossovers again is coming addition.

The Chinese certifying body has published photos of Volkswagen Tavendor.

Though such quantity of crossovers already seems excessive, occurrence of this model yields to a logical explanation.

In the Chinese market, Volkswagen is committed to a model duality: the SAIC-Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen joint venture produce competing with each other cars, but they are trying not to produce twins, and make the range more diverse.

Volkswagen Tavendor 2022.

For example, the analog of a large crossover Volkswagen Teramont became the Talagon with a completely original body.

And now the joint venture FAW-Volkswagen has its own competitor for a shorter model Teramont X. This is the new Tavendor.

At its base is the modular MQB platform with the transverse arrangement of the engine and the main front-wheel drive.

Volkswagen Tavendor 2022.

The wheelbase is the same 2980 mm that all Teramont variants have. And in terms of dimensions, the Tavendor turned out to be larger than the Touareg: length — 4936 mm, width — 2015 mm, height — 1756 mm.

Despite the large size, there will be no third row of seats even at extra charge. Volkswagen Tavendor saloon will be five-seater.

Volkswagen Tavendor 2022.

But buyers will be offered an R-Line version, which will differ in appearance as shown in the photos.

The smaller version will come with a 2-liter turbocharged 186-horsepower engine.

Also in the lineup are expected a turbo 2.0 TSI with 220 hp and 2.5 TSI VR6 with 299 hp. These versions will get a seven-speed «robot» DSG and all-wheel drive.

Volkswagen Tavendor 2022.

Thus the interior is strictly five-seater: the third row is not provided.

The Chinese certificate even has pictures of cars with a «sports» R-package, which provides a different design of bumpers.

Other details will be available after the official premiere. The new Volkswagen Tavendor will enter the Chinese market by the end of this year.

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