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Volkswagen Tayron X 2020.

Volkswagen Tayron X 2020

Volkswagen Tayron X 2020.

Volkswagen Tayron X 2020 — a sports crossover with powerful turbo engines.
Volkswagen has always been famous for its restraint and conservative decisions, which have always been precisely a positive feature of the concern. But new trends within the company ruin the whole concept. The brand’s design bureau has recently begun flirting with urbanism, as evidenced by the new SUV line called Tayron.

A year ago, a regular cross with the same name was presented, and now VW presented its compartment version of the Tayron X. Both cars are knocked out of the general style of the model range and there is an obvious attempt to stand in line with similar models from BMW and Mercedes, but if the latter hit the heart, but the Tayron family evokes mixed feelings.

As already clear, today in the review of the Volkswagen Tayron X cross-coupe — a new stage in the development of the German national brand.

Volkswagen Tayron X 2020

Technical stuffing

Like all VW cars, the Tayron X is based on the MQB modular trolley. A compartment SUV does not imply any electrification.

This suggests that for the manufacturer this model is a simple «driftwood», especially if you keep in mind the concept of general electrification of the model range until 2024. Although, it is possible that they have not yet invested in the creation of hybrids for the new family, since there is still a “run-in” and collection of demand statistics for the new product.

So there’s nothing interesting about the technique so far. The suspension is represented by a standard pair of MacPherson struts on the front axle and multi-linkages on the rear.

The set includes an electric power steering, an adjustable steering column, disc brakes in a circle with ventilation at the front, a standard set of passive safety systems, an uncontested transmission in the form of a CVT robot, and all-wheel drive with two clutch discs by default.

The motor range of the compartment version is similar to last year’s version. Buyers will be able to choose between two gas engines (like this VW and without a turbodiesel): a 2-liter in-line “four” with 186 hp. at 320 Hm and 220-horsepower at 350 Hm option with a similar architecture.

Volkswagen Tayron X 2020

Airborne equipment

The Tayron family has something in common with another crossover brand — Tiguan. Both SUVs are in the same price category, so the on-board equipment is identical for both models.

There is:

Cruise 2 generations;
6 airbags + curtains;
Multimedia complex with support for connecting a smartphone;
Monitoring blind spots;
Keyless access and start from the button;
2-zone climate.

Plus, the new SUV gets an advanced multimedia complex interface that VW began to install, starting with another fresh model — the Nivus crossover.

Volkswagen Tayron X 2020

Body and dimensions

Here, as stated at the beginning, the whole problem lies. The design of the novelty not only does not reflect the general concept of the brand, but also has quite controversial outlines that do not reflect the “compartment aesthetics” of the SUV.

The front and rear overhangs came out “rough” and inappropriately massive, stamped ribs on the sides are also of an incomprehensible shape, which overshadows any design attempts. And even the presence of the R-line styling package in the standard kit does not help at all.

Volkswagen Tayron X 2020


The cabin is nothing to note. Here is a complete copy of the predecessor, with the exception of the luggage compartment, which naturally decreased.
Tayron offered 603 liters, and in a cross-coupe this already small value decreased to 200 liters.

But the electronic equipment pleases the presence of:

A virtual 11.7-inch dashboard;
9 inch multimedia touchscreen;
Wi-Fi hotspots
3-zone climate;
Electric, heated and ventilated front seats;
Panoramic roof;
Step-by-step adjustment of backs of a back sofa.

The stylish design (although the driver-oriented torpedo architecture also raises questions) is packaged in premium finishes using Alcantara leather and carbon-fiber trim.


Based on the price tag and form factor, in one line you can put such models as: Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, BMW X2 2020, Mazda CX-5 and Mercedes-Benz GLA.

Price and sales start date

Sales of Tayron X will start on July 17, 2020. The first market is again becoming China. Nevertheless, the new cross-coupe is a global model that will arrive in the European and Russian markets closer to 2021.

Whether our motorists will appreciate the novelty is a moot point, but the price tag pleases. The basic equipment is estimated at 2.3 million rubles. The top version will cost 2.94 million.

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