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Volkswagen Teramont 2021.

Volkswagen Teramont 2021.

Volkswagen Teramont 2021.

Volkswagen Teramont 2021: large and stylish crossover.
This crossover from the German brand Volkswagen has been on sale not so long ago, but has already managed to establish itself as a reliable transport that successfully copes with both everyday tasks and long-distance trips with a large family.

To keep the car popular and one step ahead of the competition, the Germans introduced a small restyling for it.

The new model will still remain quite large, but will receive a slightly more aggressive appearance. As for the interior, even better materials will be used for its decoration, and the car’s multimedia system will be replenished with a large number of modern functionality.

The characteristics of the Volkswagen Teramont 2021 will be exactly the same as that of its predecessor.

Volkswagen Teramont 2021.


The design of the car clearly belongs to its strong points. If earlier the car looked only solid, now it boasts a variety of details that make the new body more formidable, thanks to which younger drivers will also pay attention to the car, for whom it is important to stand out on the road.

In the photo you can find an abundance of chrome inserts, various transitions in height, which can be stepped or wavy, more formidable optics and air intake systems, as well as other details.

The front of the SUV is the most formidable. As befits a car of this class, the muzzle here takes on a fairly large size, and is also located at a decent height.

Such a solution does not allow low drivers to assess the situation on the road normally, however, the situation is slightly improved by chairs that have height adjustments, as well as a slight tilt at the muzzle. Grabs on the front and embellishments.

It all starts with a large hood, which is simply strewn with relief transitions in height of various shapes and sizes.

Behind the hood is a large air intake system, presented in the form of a strip. It will receive several horizontal chrome lines that are used as a grid, as well as a Volkswagen badge adorning the middle of the air intake.

Volkswagen Teramont 2021.

On the sides, the design is complemented by large headlights, which, both in the basic and in the extended configuration, will receive LED filling.

The remaining space on the bumper is reserved for the body kit. It looks quite menacing and sticks out a little. On it you can observe such details as relief transitions in height, depressions on the sides of a triangular shape.

The latter include grilles that let air in to the brakes, as well as foglights, if they are provided for by a configuration option, another main air intake is already trapezoidal, which is decorated with a large mesh and chrome-plated frames, and protective elements made of both unpainted plastic and metal.

From the side, the car still looks more solid than aggressive. The top profile is decorated with chrome rails, as well as a large strip, consisting of windows.

The latter will receive thin strips of chrome, which will be used both for dividing the glasses into parts and for framing the figure.

There are also neat rear-view mirrors on top, on which you can find turn signals.

The main part of the body is supplemented here with a large number of both stepped and undulating relief, and from below you can also see huge wheel arches of an almost square shape, which, like the sills, are reinforced with a layer of unpainted plastic.

The rear end of the crossover perfectly combines aggression with solidity. It is located almost without a slope, and most of the body area is set aside under the tailgate. It all starts here with a small visor that includes brake lights.

Volkswagen Teramont 2021.

Next is a large luggage compartment window that takes a rectangular shape. On the main part of the door, you can see stylish marker signals connected by a decorative chrome line, a bit of relief and also chrome nameplates. As in the front, the body kit sticks out a little here.

It includes fog lights, brake lights, chrome inserts, a metal diffuser, plastic protection and a pair of large exhaust pipes.


The new 2021 Volkswagen Teramont will be noticeably better on the inside than its predecessor. The interior trim of the crossover is made of fabrics, genuine leather, plastic, metals and wood.

The technical panel is executed here in the traditional style of the brand. It flaunts a huge touchscreen monitor, which is surrounded by a pair of deflectors on the sides, and a climate control panel on the bottom, which includes analog washers and touch buttons.

A little lower, already at the junction of the torpedo with the tunnel, there is a large storage compartment with a wireless charging function.

There is also a lot on the tunnel itself. It consists of a technical panel, cup holders, another organizer and an armrest, inside which there is a storage compartment.

The car can accommodate either five or seven people. Each of them has a comfortable seat, trimmed with leather and equipped with side support.

Volkswagen Teramont 2021.

Also, the chairs boast the presence of heating, ventilation, position adjustments using electric drives and other useful options.


Like its predecessor, the 2021 Volkswagen Teramont will be offered only with gasoline engines. The base unit is a two-liter unit, the capacity of which will be 238 forces.

For a surcharge, a 3.6-liter unit is already installed, capable of delivering 280 power forces. Both options work in tandem with an eight-speed automatic.

All-wheel drive is always basic for a more powerful engine.

Options and prices

The price, as well as the set of options for various modifications, have not yet been announced.


The car’s classmates are Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Ford Explorer and Skoda Kodiak.

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