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Volkswagen Touareg 2022.

Volkswagen Touareg 2022.

Volkswagen Touareg 2022.

Volkswagen Touareg 2022, despite the preserved basis, has undergone quite serious changes. And this mainly affected the model presented in the Russian market.

Volkswagen has revised the list of on-board equipment and removed two engines from the Touareg engine range at once.

At the same time, the crossover, priced at a minimum of 4.965 million rubles, received a night vision system, premium acoustics, the function of remote car control in the parking lot and many other options.

But the German competitor Audi Q5, with which it shares the platform, is equipped as standard with a multifunction display, touchscreen and leather seats.

Technical Specifications

Despite the fact that the Volkswagen Touareg 2022 has not received a new body (judging by the photo, it looks very similar to the «younger» Tiguan) and kept the old MLB Evo platform, the crossover during the latest upgrade has significantly improved its technical characteristics.

It happened simultaneously with the revision of packages and prices, which led to a noticeable increase in the price of the German model.

Volkswagen engineers have finalized the four-wheel drive system that comes by default. It is combined with demultiplier, lockable rear and mechanical center differentials.

The engineers also expanded the transmission modes, adding a few specifically for off-roading, and strengthened the underbody protection.

Volkswagen Touareg 2022.

But, as noted earlier, the Touareg has been deprived of two engines in Russia.

Now the crossover is delivered without a 2-liter turbo-motor with 249 hp and supercharged 340-horsepower unit with 3-liter capacity.

Now it is possible to get the German model only with a 3-liter turbodiesel engine. Its maximum output is artificially limited at 249 hp and the torque reaches 600 N*m.

In conjunction with this engine the buyer gets an 8-speed automatic transmission. Acceleration to 100 km/h German model takes 6.8 seconds with an average fuel consumption of 7.1 liters.

The Touareg is also equipped with a fully controlled chassis and active anti-roll bars with electromechanical actuators.

Its basis is made by front and rear multilever suspension. Length of the German model reaches 4878 mm, width — 1984 mm, height — 1702 mm. Wheelbase size is 2894 mm and ground clearance is 200 mm.

Features and Prices

Volkswagen Touareg 2022 is presented in Russia in seven versions. At the same time, two modifications in terms of equipment do not differ from each other.

The difference between them lies only in the types of decorative elements used.

Volkswagen Touareg 2022.

Prices for the German model start at 4.965 million rubles. For that money, the Touareg is already equipped with a locking center differential, steering with variable transmission ratio, 18-inch aluminum wheels (19-inch for extra charge) and an electronic parking brake.

All optics of the German crossover has LED. The front headlights are complemented by the function of automatic activation in the dark, wipers — when it rains.

Volkswagen Touareg in the basic version offers buyers anti-lock brakes, stabilization, traction control, speed control, headlight control, slope assist, front impact prevention and driver condition monitoring systems.

This package, priced at 5.204 million rubles, is one of two available with a different set of decorative elements. In this modification appear chrome exhaust pipes, LED interior lighting, a rearview camera, keyless entry system and electric windshield heating.

In the Business configuration, you can also find a trunk with a door closer and an electric motor, completed with a contact-free opening function.

Business R-Line
The 2022 Volkswagen Touareg in the Business R-Line gets a new aerodynamic dodger and 19-inch wheels (20-inch for an extra charge).

Such changes lead to an increase in the price of the crossover to 5.439 million rubles. The rest of the list of on-board equipment does not change except that the top of the pedals are placed aluminum pads.

This is the second version, which is offered with two different types of decorative trim. This set is offered for 5.447 million rubles.

For this money the Touareg gets a multi-mode LED interior lighting, 15-inch touch screen monitor, a system of adaptive road lighting and a four-zone climate control system.

Volkswagen Touareg 2022.

As standard in this version, the seats are upholstered in combination materials, and leather is available at extra cost.

But the default 2022 Volkswagen Touareg in this version comes with door closers, adaptive cruise control, a projection display, massaging and ventilated front seats, and a lane control system.

Exclusive R-Line
The top version of the German model is available for 5.762 million rubles. This modification also differs from the previous one in the appearance of a new aerodynamic dodger and decorative wood grain inserts.


The Touareg is equipped with a radiator grille characteristic of all Volkswagen models, which is crossed by horizontal metal slats. But in the flagship crossover it has the largest dimensions.

In front of the Touareg is placed large optics, divided into several segments, each of which has LEDs.

The front bumper is completed with wide side vents and a decorative metal overlay, which runs from the bottom.

Volkswagen Touareg 2022.

The luggage door in the German model in the center curves back a little, thus forming a ledge, which improves aerodynamics of the body.

The rear lights are distinguished not only by large size, but also by original pattern.

In the interior of the Touareg, the number of physical keys has been reduced to a minimum.

This was due to the appearance of a new, wider touchscreen, which is turned towards the driver’s seat.

The large transmission tunnel has retained the branded gearbox lever and a large washer, designed for selecting driving modes.

The interior of the German model is designed in a premium style. Both the seats and the front panel, transmission tunnel, armrest and doors are trimmed with leather.

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