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Volkswagen Virtus 2023.

Volkswagen Virtus 2023.

Volkswagen Virtus 2023.

VW Virtus, which never became the Russian Polo sedan: another updated version.

After restyling, in some places the line of complete sets of the “four-door” was expanded.

In addition, when compared with the previous model year, the Virtus has become more affordable.

The Volkswagen Virtus sedan debuted in 2017, it was originally announced as a model created specifically for Latin America, and launched in Brazil.

By the way, once this “four-door” was considered the prototype of our next VW Polo, but with the change of generations, the Russian sedan turned into a liftback based on the Skoda Rapid.

Since last year, Virtus has also been made in India — immediately in an updated form, and Indian-made cars are also delivered to other countries (including under the name Polo Sedan).

But only now the Brazilian “four-door” has survived the restyling.

Recall that the “Indian” is based on the MQB-A0-IN platform, that is, a simplified version of MQB-A0.

The Brazilian sedan is built on the original «trolley», and, judging by the fact that it has more electronic assistants, after restyling such a Virtus was not easier to transfer to the platform.

In terms of dimensions, the “Brazilian” generally coincides with the Indian “four-door”, except that the latest model is slightly higher.

Volkswagen Virtus 2023.

Compared with the pre-reform sedan, the length of the Virtus has grown by 79 mm to 4561 mm, the height is now 1476 mm (+4 mm).

The width and wheelbase have not changed — 1751 and 2651 mm, respectively. The volume of the trunk remained the same — 521 liters.

In terms of design, the Brazilian Virtus also basically repeated the Indian brother.

Differences from the pre-styling sedan are the new grille, headlights and bumpers.

The taillights retained their shape, but the diode stuffing was replaced.

Volkswagen Virtus 2023.

They also updated the body color palette and the assortment of disks.

In Brazil, there is no longer a “warmed up” version of the GTS (while the related local Polo hatch has it), it has been replaced by a new top-end Exclusive package, although it is also with a “sporty” bias.

The features of such a “four-door” are a honeycomb grille, black 18-inch wheels and darkened decorative chrome inserts on the bumpers, in addition, there is a spoiler on the trunk lid.

In addition, only VW Virtus Exclusive has the most powerful engine, but more on the technique below.

In the cabin — a new steering wheel, gearshift lever and seats, the finishing materials have also become different (Virtus Exclusive has quilted seat upholstery).

Already “in the base” there are six airbags, air conditioning, wireless charging for a smartphone, digital devices (8”), a multimedia system with a 6.5-inch touchscreen, rear parking sensors and cruise control.

Volkswagen Virtus 2023.

Starting from the second most senior configuration, an adaptive “cruise” and an auto-braking system appear.

And in the arsenal of expensive versions there are LED fog lights, a 10.25-inch virtual tidy, multimedia with a 10.1-inch screen, climate control with a touch control unit, a rear-view camera, and front parking sensors.

At the same time, the initial versions have drum rear brakes, disc brakes — the privilege of the «rich» Virtuses.

In total, in Brazil there are now four configurations against three for the pre-reform model.

The Brazilian VW Virtus lost its 1.6 MSI aspirated a long time ago, and this engine was not returned (although in some places an Indian-made export sedan is available with an atmospheric engine).

Volkswagen Virtus 2023.

In total, the restyled Virtus is offered with a 1.0 TSI turbo engine and a 1.4 TSI turbo four (India has its own engine range).

The liter engine has two options: the base engine produces 109 hp on gasoline, and 116 hp on ethanol common in Brazil, this engine is paired with a five-speed “mechanics” or a six-speed “automatic”; return of the second version — 116/128 hp (gasoline / ethanol), such a “turbo engine” is equipped exclusively with 6AKP.

The top-end Virtus Exclusive is equipped with a 1.4 TSI turbo four, this engine produces 150 hp. regardless of fuel and works in tandem with 6AKP. Front wheel drive only.

A restyled Volkswagen Virtus sedan costs around $20,500-$28,600, which is cheaper than what was asked for a four-door from the previous model year ($24,000-$29,300).

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