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Volkswagen XL1.

Volkswagen XL1.

Volkswagen XL1.

The Volkswagen XL1 is a subcompact, ultra-efficient hybrid vehicle. It was produced for two years and during this time 250 copies were produced.

It is worth noting that despite such a conceptual design, this is a production car. The German carmaker sells millions of cars annually, and 3-4 cars are sold worldwide in 10 seconds.

These facts are provided in order to understand how majestic this company is. Now imagine her most ambitious project.

The most powerful production car Bugatti Veyron, and later the Chiron? You will be right, but on par with it is the most economical hybrid, on the development of which billions of euros and years of work have been spent.


The car looks like a space capsule from the future. It is difficult to get used to such a design, and with the doors open it is completely amazing. The doors are a mixture of guillotines and gull wings.

In front of the Volkswagen XL1 looks very unusual. This is a wide, inflated frame, in the center of which is the dome-shaped cabin itself. The car itself turned out to be seemingly narrow and long.

The front bumper has no bright transitions and cutouts, only a small slotted air intake in the lower part.

Volkswagen XL1.

A narrow strip is located under the sharp edge of the hood, in the extreme corners of which there is a rectangular front optics. From it down in the form of the letter «L» LED running lights depart.

In profile, the XL1 looks completely unconventional. This was achieved thanks to the hidden rear wheels with carbon fiber panels.

There are smooth lines on the doors, and the very transition of the side edge of the frame of the panels into the cab has a very smooth character.

Volkswagen XL1.

The car is also irresistible in the rear part, which was achieved thanks to the smoothly dropping roof and LED illumination around the entire rear part in the form of the letter «P».


length — 3888 mm;
width — 1665 mm;
height — 1156 mm;
wheelbase — 2224 mm.
The design of the car was complemented by 16-inch wheels with rubber, the width of which was only 115 mm.

Salon Volkswagen XL1.

The interior is the complete opposite of the exterior, since inside it is the most ordinary Volkswagen with a standard set of functions and options.

Volkswagen XL1.

Simple dashboard and simple multimedia complex with touchscreen display. However, it is worth noting the steering wheel, which is greatly «cut» at the bottom.

This is done so that tall drivers do not touch the steering wheel with their knees.

The presence of displays in the side door cards, where the image from the rear-view cameras is displayed, is unusual, because there are simply no rear-view mirrors.

In general, as already mentioned, this is the most ordinary Volkswagen, executed in miniature.

In addition, there is more than enough space in the cabin, and the seats have a wide range of adjustments, so it will not be difficult to fit comfortably.

Volkswagen XL1.

Specifications HL1

The power filling is represented by a hybrid tandem electric motor developing 28 hp. and a two-cylinder diesel power unit, a volume of 0.8 liters, which produces 48 hp.

Despite the modest power figures, the car is capable of accelerating to 160 km / h, and it takes only 12.7 seconds to overcome the first hundred.

The power plant XL1 is paired with a 7-band «robot» DSG, which transmits all the torque to the rear wheels.

As for the power reserve, you can drive up to 50 kilometers on electric traction, and a fuel tank with a volume of 10 liters will make it possible to overcome up to 500 km without stopping.

The car has a very rigid suspension, which is made of aluminum, and the anti-roll bars are made of carbon.


Volkswagen XL1 was sold at a price of 111,000 euros, apparently one of the marketers decided that this figure perfectly fits the name of the model, but only Ferdinand Pich knows the true price of this car.

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