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Volvo S60 2021.

Volvo S60 2021.

Volvo S60 2021.

Volvo S60 2021: a worthy competitor to German brands.
The Volvo company has long proved to everyone that not only the big German three can feel confident in the business class.

Many wealthy people in different countries already prefer Swedish cars to many others, since they are much cheaper both in themselves and in maintenance, and they provide an equal level of comfort and safety.

One of the best representatives of the Volvo brand is the S60 sedan, for which they recently prepared a restyling so that it copes even better with its tasks, leaving the competition behind.

The new model remains the same recognizable, but some changes in appearance can still be found here.

The interior of the car was also slightly transformed, for which they prepared better and more pleasant finishing materials, as well as a set of various auxiliary options. The characteristics of the Volvo C60 2021 will also be slightly better than its predecessor.


Volvo S60 2021.

The design of the car is still one of its strongest points. The new body looks both solid and menacing at the same time, which is why drivers of all ages pay attention to it. In the photo you can see a fairly large number of undulating relief, a bunch of chrome-painted parts, aggressive optics familiar to all fans of the brand, as well as other decorations that create such a striking appearance of the car.

The front end of the car perfectly combines aggression with solidity. It is at a low height, takes on a medium size and is inclined, which allows anyone to feel comfortable behind the wheel of a car.

Naturally, there are enough decorations here. Already on the hood, one can observe wave-like transitions in height, and its central part will bulge slightly outward.

Following the hood is Volvo’s proprietary air intake system, which has an almost rectangular shape. The perimeter of the structure is decorated with a thin chrome line, and inside it there are numerous thin vertical stripes that are slightly concave inward and are also painted in chrome.

In the very center of the grille is the Volvo brand badge. On the sides of the air intake, you can see huge headlights, which look quite menacing. To fill them, even in the basic configuration, LED lights are used, which provide excellent illumination of the road in any conditions.

Volvo S60 2021.

The rest of the space on the bumper is already reserved for the body kit, the appearance of which depends on the vehicle configuration. If this is a charged modification, then most of the area here will be allocated for air intake systems.

In addition to them, you can always find inserts painted in chrome, anti-fog optics placed in the recesses on the sides, as well as numerous height transitions.

The sedan also looks quite solid on the sides, where the variety of relief immediately catches the eye, which here is mainly wave-like. A neat figure, assembled from windows, flaunts on top of the profile. It will be framed by a very thin chrome line, and inside it you can see the narrow body pillars, already painted in gloss black.

Also nearby are stylish rear-view mirrors that take an almost triangular shape, including turn signals and received a black leg. The main part of the body is decorated with a wave-like relief and chrome handles, and from below you can see the heavily inflated wheel arches and bulging sills.

The rear of the car has a sporty look. It is medium in length, but at a decent height. Its design begins with the trunk lid, which has a small protrusion at the end, which plays both a useful role and decorative.

Further, you can see a bunch of chrome nameplates, interesting shape marker signals that are used in many of the brand’s sedans, relief transitions in height and a recess for the license plate.

Next comes a slightly protruding body kit, on which you can observe foglights, a metal diffuser, as well as a couple of exhaust pipes, which have received the shape of a trapezoid.

Volvo S60 2021.


In general, the new Volvo C60 2021 model year looks the same inside as the representative of the previous generation, but the finish here is now even better. For it, materials such as genuine leather, fabrics, various types of plastic, alcantara, metals and even wood in the most top versions are used.

The dashboard of the car has exactly the same look as that of other representatives of the Volvo brand. Here is a huge touchscreen monitor, which is framed by large deflectors on the sides, and from the bottom — a thin strip with buttons and a washer that allows you to control climate options.

Next, the tunnel immediately begins, which includes a standard set of parts: cup holders covered with a curtain, a technical panel and an armrest, under which there is an additional compartment for things with a cooling function, slots for accessories and wireless charging.

The car is designed for five people, each of whom will receive a comfortable seat trimmed with genuine leather and equipped with a heating system, side support, adjustable head restraints, seat adjustment by means of electric drives and other options that significantly increase the level of comfort.

Volvo S60 2021.


Absolutely all engines for the Volvo S60 2021 have a volume of two liters. Traditional gasoline versions have a capacity of 250 or 316 hp. There are also hybrids, the return of which is 340, 400 or 415 forces.

Front-wheel drive is always only for the basic version, the rest already have four-wheel drive. All motors will work in tandem with an eight-speed automatic.

Options and prices

The price of new items starts at $ 36,000. For the top version, they will ask for about 55 thousand.


The main rivals of the car are the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes S-Class.

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