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VW Golf Variant/Alltrack 2021.

VW Golf Variant/Alltrack 2021.

VW Golf Variant/Alltrack 2021.

VW Golf Variant/Alltrack 2021 — two versions of the station wagon with a large trunk.

The Golf family continues to grow with new versions. While sports versions of the GTI, GTD and GTE appeared in early 2020, now is the turn of the Golf Alltrack and the 8th generation off-road version of the Alltrack.

Model history

Attractive and sporty in style, the Volkswagen Golf 2021 hatchback receives a number of changes that make it stand out from the crowd. With the introduction of the eighth generation Golf, the Volkswagen brand has demonstrated the modern appeal of one of its oldest vehicles.

Powered by a turbocharged 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine, the Golf delivers 147 hp, up from 90 hp. smaller than the Golf GTI, and the car does its job well. The VW Golf starts at $ 23,195 and rivals some of the best hatchbacks in town.

VW Golf Variant/Alltrack 2021.

The new VW Golf Variant will come as a direct competitor to the station wagons of the Peugeot 308, Ford Focus, SEAT Leon and others. Although enthusiasts may not notice its appeal, the car is immensely popular with families looking for more space than what it can. offer a hatchback.

The Golf 8’s launch was not without its problems, with a major software glitch that prompted Volkswagen to suspend deliveries to customers for a couple of weeks.

The VW Golf Alltrack is a taller, four-wheel-drive version of the Golf Estate with more standard equipment and four-wheel drive, but it is more expensive and less economical.

Alltrack comes with bulky bumpers and four-wheel drive. It’s a worthy alternative to cars like the Skoda Octavia Scout and is well worth looking at for people who like something that is more than capable of driving on country roads, but don’t like a high-slung SUV.

VW Golf Variant/Alltrack 2021.


Like the standard Variant, the new Golf Alltrack has been slightly increased in size to offer an improved interior. It now has a length of 4633 mm and a trunk of 61 liters (1642 liters when the rear seats are folded down).

The wheelbase now reaches 2686 mm. Thus, all this makes the Golf more spacious inside, which is especially noticeable at the rear. The variant’s roof is much longer and smoother, and the side windows, like the rear door, have a different design.

Alltrack stands out for its increased ground clearance, black plastic body kit and five-point fog lights.

The basic boot volume is 611 liters and the maximum is 1642 liters.
In addition to the basic configuration, the versions Life, Style and R-Line are available.

VW Golf Variant/Alltrack 2021.

Exterior and interior

The first thing you’ll notice about Alltrack is its black and silver bumpers. They will not only help it stand out against the background of the relatively modest Golf Estate, but also prevent scratching of branches and bushes on the car’s paintwork if the driver decides to go off-road.

An 8-inch touchscreen entertainment system with built-in satellite navigation and smartphone display and Alltrack analog gauges are being replaced with a customizable digital display — at an additional cost.

The car will calmly overcome the off-road. Raised suspension that helps Allltrack handle muddy country roads.
That said, the raised body tilts a little when cornering, but there is still no reason for passengers to feel car nausea.

VW Golf Variant/Alltrack 2021.

The driver will also not hear strong winds or tire noise — even at motorway speeds, which helps make the Allltrack a fairly comfortable car for long journeys. Equipped as standard with adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking for added peace of mind.

Alltrack has a range of solid styling cues such as the underbody protection, redesigned bumper inlets and slightly redesigned LED headlights.

Rework continues throughout the rest of the car, with the Alltrack getting wider side sills, new roof rails, an aluminum rear bumper pan and increased ride height to allow the estate to cope with rough terrain.

Price and release date

Like the standard Variant, Alltrack began pre-sale in mid-September in Germany and will gradually become available in other European countries.
The release date is scheduled for 2021. The price is expected to start at $ 32,000.

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