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WayRay Holograktor 2022.

WayRay Holograktor 2022.

WayRay Holograktor 2022.

The WayRay Holograktor concept with Russian roots is presented.

A new Russian concept car? Not really. The private company WayRay was founded by a Russian businessman Vitaly Ponomarev, but it positions itself as Swiss-Russian. The development center is in Moscow and the headquarter is in Zurich.

Nevertheless, Holograktor turned out to be quite interesting.

In fact, this concept is created around the company’s main product WayRay — a holographic augmented reality system for cars.

The company has already attracted investments from Porsche, Hyundai and Alibaba with this technology, and experimental samples have been used on various concept cars.

One of the most recent is the Pininfarina Teorema.

The True AR display is made using laser technology: the light source is located deep in the depths of the car and is connected to the projector by a fiber-optic cable.

The projector itself is several times more compact than usual devices used in production cars, and includes many micromirrors that form the picture.

WayRay Holograktor 2022.

A three-dimensional holographic image is formed on multilayer glass. The in-house True AR Rendering Engine software is responsible for the control.

WayRay Holograktor is presented as a car with holographic AR-glass for games and entertainment while driving.

Vitaly Ponomarev believes that «content in the car will be the next hot topic.

WayRay Holograktor 2022.

We are talking about watching videos and advertisements during a carshare or cab ride, which will reduce the price of the service (it will be partially compensated by advertisers).

The WayRay Holograktor itself is a golf-class hatchback with an unusual appearance, for the development of which designer Sasha Selipanov, who now works at Koenigsegg and previously drew Bugatti and Genesis cars, was invited.

WayRay Holograktor 2022.

The length of the car is 4416 mm, width — 2023 mm, height — 1582 mm, wheelbase — an impressive 2880 mm.

It is an electric car, but neither the capacity of a single motor, nor the battery capacity are named. Range (600 km), top speed (200 km/h) and acceleration time to 100 km/h (3.9 seconds) are indicated.

At the same time, the developers specify that «the car is designed for comfortable interaction with content, so acceleration time is less important than the level of comfort and technology inside the cabin».

WayRay Holograktor 2022.

The cabin is made three-seater — with a massive «throne» instead of the back sofa: it is stated that in more than 80% of cases Uber carries only one passenger.

And in order to have a good view to the front passenger, the front seats are pushed back to the sides: the distance between them is 200-300 mm more than in conventional cars (hence the impressive width of the car is two meters).

Developers call an unusual hump on a roof «a shrimp»: there are sensors and holographic systems for a rear passenger in it.

There is no autopilot, but there is a remote control of the car via 5G communication, in which case the steering wheel is recessed into the front panel, but remains in front of the driver, as there is an airbag in the hub.

To control the augmented reality, each seat is equipped with two joysticks.

Vitaly Ponomarev wants to release such a car on the roads in four years.

But it is unlikely that we will see production cars under the WayRay brand.

Most likely, this company’s technology will simply be sold to other automakers for installation in their cars.

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