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Weltmeister W7 2022.

Weltmeister W7 2022.

Weltmeister W7 2022.

The new electric sedan Weltmeister W7 has impressed with its fourth-level autopilot.

In May 20th Chinese company WM Motor that produces electric cars under the German brand Weltmeister has shown a concept sedan Maven, and now the production version of this model has made its debut.

On the way to the assembly line the four-door changed its name — now it is Weltmeister W7. From the design point of view, it largely repeats the mentioned prototype, though without simplifications.

However, the ready for production version of the truck saved a spectacular «face» with far reaching headlights on the hood. As for the interior, it has been shown only on computer renders.

Judging by these images, an electric sedan has a combined screen virtual dashboard and multimedia system, while in the paneling front panel on the passenger side there is another display, which in off mode is completely invisible.

Plus, this model received i-Rota selector on the central console. The functionality of the latter largely depends on the chosen driving mode: it can be rotated and pressed, as well as use a built-in touchscreen display.

The flagship Weltmeister W7 turned out to be somewhat larger than the mid-sized E5 sedan.

Weltmeister W7 2022.

Its length reaches 4,930 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,918 mm. There is no information about the electric installation, although the Chinese have already announced range up to 700 kilometers on a single charge.

It is known that the electric car has an autopilot fourth level, which means electronics can independently control the car in most traffic situations.

Weltmeister W7 2022.

For the efficiency of autopilot responsible three lidar, one of which is located on the roof, and two others — in the front wings.

Plus, the list of equipment includes seven cameras with a resolution of 8 megapixels and four cameras with a resolution of 2 megapixels.

The Weltmeister W7 electric car has five millimeter radar and twelve ultrasonic sensors.

Weltmeister W7 2022.

The Nvidia Orin-X chip is responsible for processing the information coming from these devices, with a performance of 254 tops (trillion operations per second).

All this, of course, impressive, but the appearance of the fourth level of autopilot on commercial cars in the near future is unlikely.

Weltmeister W7 2022.

Most likely, it is just a hint for the future. The Chinese plan to fully declassify the Veltmeister B7 at the November 2021 Guangzhou Motor Show.

Production of the sedan is expected to start in the twenty-second. There is no information about prices for the flagship four-door yet.

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