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XPeng P7 2022.

XPeng P7 2022.

XPeng P7 2022.

The crisis and shortage of components have reached China as well. The XPeng P7 premium sedan came out in a «simplified» version.

Lack of electronic components is affecting not only Russian manufacturers but also foreign ones, including Chinese brands which are suffering from this problem.

At the end of spring this year, people began ordering the premium sedan XPeng P7 2022 in versions 480G and 670G.

However, the time is coming when the cars will soon be delivered to customers and the manufacturer said that the cars are deprived of a whole list of promised options.

Thus, today the company’s official website revealed the equipment of these versions of the car.

Now it became known that the models will be delivered without such options as high-precision radar, high-resolution cameras, emergency braking, frontal collision prevention and lane departure warning.

XPeng P7 2022.

The manufacturer had previously promised that all of these systems would be included in the «basic» models.

It is worth noting that the 480G and 670G versions are in the middle of the lineup.

The first one is offered at 240,000 yuan (2.2 million rubles), and the second — from 273,000 yuan (2.6 million rubles).

XPeng P7 2022.

Despite the fact that the company decided to decommission cars, their cost will remain at the same level.

This will probably force many customers to withdraw their orders. Of course, the manufacturer understands this, but apparently the brand at the moment does not have the ability to integrate into these versions all the promised systems.

XPeng P7 2022.

The aforementioned modifications are equipped with a single electric powertrain with a maximum output of 267 horsepower.

This can also scare customers, because there are versions with about the same level of equipment, but with two motors for 430 «horses».

XPeng P7 2022.

Thus the price for such variations is a little bit higher. Totally there is a choice of twenty different versions in the sedan’s configuration lineup.

Meanwhile, the release date of Xpeng G9 2022 has recently been announced. This seven-seat all-wheel drive crossover will be a competitor to the BMW X7.


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