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ZIL-131 2021-2022.

ZIL-131 2021-2022.

ZIL-131 2021-2022.

Despite the fact that in its lineup there were limousines and sedans, the ZIL brand is firmly associated as a manufacturer of trucks.

True, the production of these machines was stopped many years ago. ZIL back in the 80s of the last century began to experience serious difficulties, which worsened in the next decade.

In the early 2000s, the Moscow government tried to revive the enterprise by attracting new investors. But in the end, the metropolitan leadership bankrupted the car plant, and later a new residential quarter was built in its place.

However, at the end of last year it became known that an American businessman had bought the rights to the ZIL brand. He announced that he is going to use this brand in the production of new SUVs.

The first model in a series of future American cars will be the Colonel, or «Colonel».

The SUV, which the entrepreneur plans to supply to the US Army, will be powered by a Jeep chassis and powered by a powerful 6.2-liter Chrysler engine.

To date, this is all the information that is known about the American novelty.

ZIL-131 2021-2022.

But, probably, the entrepreneur bought out the ZIL brand not only in order to be engaged in the production of one car.

Perhaps the lineup will expand in the future with a few more new cars. Moreover, most likely, it will also be SUVs.

An independent designer has published a series of renderings that show what the second ZIL-131 2021-2022 SUV might turn out to be.

But this model will rather be focused on the premium car segment. True, the novelty will also receive all-wheel drive from Jeep, and its suspension will be adapted for different operating conditions.

ZIL-131 2021-2022.

Perhaps the presented model will become a direct competitor to such models as the Land Cruiser 200 or Lincoln Navigator.

Although it is likely that the developer will follow the path of Chinese companies and bring out a car that is comparable in performance to the above-mentioned SUVs, its price will barely exceed 3 million rubles.


The new ZIL-131 SUV 2021-2022 stands out for its well-defined proportions, typical for many representatives of its class.

However, some exterior details give the car a sporty look. In particular, this is ensured by heavily heaped front and rear pillars, due to which the effect of a low «set» roof arises.

ZIL-131 2021-2022.

Despite the foregoing, the side glazing of the presented novelty has a large area, thus providing a good view from the passenger compartment.

And thanks to the fact that the developer has placed thin struts in front, the number of «blind» zones in this SUV is minimized.

The presented novelty received a massive body, the large dimensions of which are emphasized by wide ledges under the windows, with voluminous and wide wheel arches, as well as high ground clearance.

The bottom of the side doors of the ZIL model is covered by a black plastic body kit. To improve off-road performance, the developer has fitted this car with large wheels, the radius of which is possibly up to 20 inches. At the same time, the rubber of the novelty turned out to be relatively narrow.

ZIL-131 2021-2022.

This feature indicates that the vehicle is more focused on operation within asphalt surfaces.

Belonging to the class of SUVs, the presented novelty is especially clearly emphasized by the front part of the body, made in the shape of a rectangle.

But its hood is complemented by several pronounced folds, which visually increase the size of the car and slightly «spoil» the statement made.

The novelty was equipped with a rectangular grille with many thin vertical slats that abut against a wide plastic edging.

On the sides of it, the developer has placed large blocks with LED lights. The lights of the new SUV are arranged vertically in a row one above the other and are also framed by a plastic edging.

Under them, relatively compact ventilation holes are visible, which seem to go deep into the body.

In the center of the front bumper, the developer has placed a massive trapezoidal air intake, which is crossed by horizontal strips.

It has built-in fog lights with LEDs. An additional plastic body kit is placed on the bottom of the front bumper, which once again emphasizes the belonging of the novelty to the class of SUVs.

But the rear part of the body changes the idea of ​​this model a little. First of all, this is due to the fact that the roofline of the new ZIL-131 2021-2022 SUV goes under a noticeable slope and ends with a developed wing.

Both designs are more characteristic of crossovers than SUVs. The rear of the new ZIL also has vertical LED lights that are built into the wheel fenders.

The bottom of the aft bumper in the presented model is sloped, which has a positive effect on the off-road capabilities of the car.

On the published renders, you can see that the interior of the new ZIL is trimmed with genuine leather. The rest of the SUV’s interior details are still hidden.

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