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Cadillac Vistiq 2024.

Cadillac Vistiq 2024.

Cadillac Vistiq 2024.

Cadillac Vistiq 2024: another large and expensive three-row electric crossover.

The Vistiq will be an electric alternative to the gasoline-powered Cadillac XT6 family crossover.

The full premiere of the Cadillac Vistiq is expected next year, but it is not yet known exactly when it will hit the market.

The Vistiq is the fifth model in the electric Cadillac family, which already includes the large 5-passenger Lyriq crossover, the luxurious Celestiq liftback, the flagship three-row Escalade IQ crossover and the junior 5-passenger Optiq crossover (positioned as a compact, but in fact it is mid-size: overall length — more than 4.8 m).

All electric Cadillacs are built on different versions of the modular Ultium platform, but now only the Lyriq, which debuted first, is on sale, the rest of the new products are still only in the project, their production has not yet begun.

All that is currently known about the Vistiq crossover is that it will occupy a place in the Cadillac lineup between the 5-seater Lyriq and the flagship Escalade IQ.

Essentially, the Vistiq is a slightly smaller and slightly less pretentious copy of the Escalade IQ. The Vistiq has three rows of seats and is aimed at family buyers.

Cadillac Vistiq 2024.

Two official photos show the Vistiq as a 600 E4 with a badge attached to the tailgate, but it’s unclear what exactly it means.

We believe that the “four” indicates all-wheel drive, that is, at least a dual-engine power plant.

The GM press service promises to reveal details about the Cadillac Vistiq next year, but the dates for the start of production and the start of sales have not yet been disclosed.

Cadillac Vistiq 2024.

The fact is that in recent months General Motors, like Ford, has sharply pessimized its expectations from the electric vehicle market and began to postpone the launch of new products, as well as the release of components for these new products.

For example, Electrek magazine, which closely follows this topic, reports that GM has postponed the start of production of top versions of electric pickups Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV until the end of 2025, based on current market conditions and its own business interests.

In the fall, in addition, GM abandoned the expansion of cooperation with Honda in the budget electric vehicle segment announced last year.

Cadillac Vistiq 2024.

Against this background, it may seem strange that the Cadillac brand has announced its third electric product this year. Perhaps GM will announce them with an eye to Cadillac’s main market — China.

Cadillac Vistiq 2024.

Cadillac’s position in China is still stable: in the first three quarters of this year, the American brand sold 133,063 cars here versus 110,836 in the United States, but Cadillac urgently needs electric models to compete with young Chinese premium brands.

The situation with “electric trains” in the United States is still up in the air—much will depend, among other things, on the presidential elections next year; the return of Donald Trump or the election of another representative of the Republican Party to this post could significantly soften the “green” agenda.


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