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Chevrolet Monza 2024.

Chevrolet Monza 2024.

Chevrolet Monza 2024.

Chevrolet Monza 2024. New Chevrolet Monza began to be sold on the market at a price of 2 million rubles.

Russian dealers imported a Chevrolet sedan without mileage, which was valued at 2 million rubles.

Russian dealers have added Monza sedans to their offer lists. They can be called the most recent generation of the Chevrolet Lacetti foreign car.

Monza is designed on the basis of Lacetti, which led to the presence of a characteristic suspension in the rear of the body using McPherson struts.

It is equipped with a not entirely new 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine, generating 113 “horses”.

A 6-stage “robot” works in tandem with it. All imported models were assembled at the Chinese assembly site.

According to the editors of Quto, a number of companies brought several of these foreign cars to the country to “test their strength.”

Pricing for them depends on the car dealerships that offer them.

Chevrolet Monza 2024.

The average cost is 2 million 100 thousand rubles. for the performance of Enjoy Edition. This is the only equipment available at all car dealers in the Russian Federation.

The list of equipment includes: a stabilization option, front airbags and a large screen on the head panel.

It consists of two 10.25-inch displays each.

Chevrolet Monza 2024.

Instead of an air conditioning system, a standard air conditioner is provided. There are heated passenger seats.

Dealers note that this model boasts a completely original body with a length of 4656 mm.

The luggage compartment holds 405 liters, which classifies the car as a classic representative of the golf class.

In the Chinese market, this passenger car is classified as a “budget” segment.

Chevrolet Monza 2024 is a car built on the Lacetti platform, having some similarities with it.

Chevrolet Monza 2024.

True, visually it presents its own unique style of execution. The sedan looks quite interesting and modern, which will not allow it to get lost in the general flow.

The rear suspension of the Chevrolet Monza is represented by McPherson struts, and an atmospheric engine is installed under the hood.

Its displacement is 1.5 liters, and its performance does not exceed 113 horsepower.

The unit is combined with a six-speed robotic preselective gearbox. Cars are imported from the Middle Kingdom.

Chevrolet Monza 2024.

Deliveries were organized privately, which, nevertheless, made it possible to keep the price tag at an acceptable level.

True, its size depends on the dealership, but on average varies in the range of 2.0-2.1 million rubles.

There is only one configuration available — Enjoy Edition. As for equipment, the list of options includes air conditioning, two touchscreens, airbags, stabilization technology and much more.


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