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Lexus LC 500 2017.

Lexus LC 500 2017.

Striking sports coupe with the «aspirated».

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Presented as part of the Detroit Motor Show Lexus LC 500 has become one of the most highly anticipated car devices model year 2016-2017. The new coupe is a production version of the concept Lexus LF-LC Concept, which was shown in the same Detroit in 2012. Frankly, it was hard to imagine that the Japanese sports car with such a provocative appearance design gets to the start of a series of virtually no change in the exterior. Data on whether it would be sold snazzy «Japanese» in Russia is not, but the start of sales of new products overseas is scheduled for the second half of 2016.



Photos Lexus LC 500 2016-2017 godaPo according to many automotive critics, the new Lexus LC 2016-2017 500 claims to be the most beautiful car in the class production of sports «dvuhdverok». This original, bold and truly daring design appearance today can not offer any of the most famous automobile manufacturers. The coupe from Lexus really looks very cool from any angle. The front body of the car is a real work of art. Branded guard mesh grille in the shape of an hourglass received original drawing. Bumper-fairing not only looks very pompous, but also quite functional — a vertically-oriented slots ducts are designed for efficient cooling of the brake discs front wheels. Equally elegant and turned headlamps — Stylish LED optics Triple LED complement the individual strokes daytime running LED lights, which give the car a strict squint. Impressive bonnet area is decorated with double stiffeners, which is why it visually into the front fenders, flowing into the wheel arches.


Design aft Lexus LC 500 2016-2017.

Fotov profile body of the car shows smooth curves elegant shapes and lines, harmoniously complemented by futuristic «splashes» and elements of body aerodynamics inherent in sports cars. The long hood Lexus LC 500 is successfully combined with large radii wheel arches. Compact door, though not conducive to comfortable boarding and alighting process, together with the stylish rear-view mirrors, in sports impaled on a long leg-supports, look very impressive. Heavily littered back windshield was a continuation of the domed roof.


The rear part of the car body is somewhat due to the massively bloated fenders with large air intakes and wheel arches developed. Making stern news attracts original design solutions embodied in the stylish design of the rear lights with LED unusual graphics. Complementing the powerful look of the car rear bumper of complex geometry with a large diffuser and graceful trunk lid.


Avtomobil has 4760 mm in length with a wheelbase value to 2870 mm. The width of the machine is 1920 mm and its height is less than 1345 mm. As standard, the coupé will get aluminum wheels 20-gauge, you can optionally order the installation of wheels by one inch more.


Salon premium «Japanese» formally designed for the driver and three passengers, but the rear seat can sit in the best case of small children. Even teenagers sitting on the rear seats, will be nowhere to put his feet. However, this class of vehicles created to give an unforgettable experience from the trip in the first place, and the driver who was sitting next to him to the passenger. In this regard, the new interior Lexus LC500 2016-2017 fully corresponds to the image of the model.


Interior Lexus LC 500 2016-2017.

Mezhdu front seats coupe runs rather high tunnel with a wide armrest. Buckets sports seats provide rigidity landing — outstanding lateral support is clearly designed for sports riders build. In the rest of the interior of the machine meets the requirements for serial sports car premium. It is worth noting that the developers have kept the traditional style of the Lexus cars car salon.

Here installed compact, plump bagel steering wheel with shift paddles transmission, short, but grasping the check point lever, accurate digital dashboard and convenient multimedia control unit complex, whose touch touchpad located on the tunnel directly under the driver’s right hand. As the finishing materials used in high-quality leather, suede handmade and polished aluminum, from which the insert on the front panel and center console.

The body of the new Japanese coupe is made of advanced materials, allowing engineers to deliver outstanding stiffness in bending and torsion. These characteristics are significantly higher than that of super-expensive model Lexus LFA. In the design of hinged body elements and the power frame engineers made extensive use of carbon fiber and aluminum. But elements of the suspension, the outer door panels and front bumper safety bar made of steel ultraprochnyh varieties.

Under the hood of new items is set 5.0-liter petrol power unit with 8 V-shaped arrangement of cylinders. Used engine, resulting in the movement of Lexus GS F 2016, develops in this configuration 467 hp maximum power and 527 Nm of traction. All the power of the engine is transmitted to the rear axle wheels by means of the latest 10-band automatic Aisin gearbox. The combination of a powerful motor and an advanced PPC allows you to accelerate the Japanese coupe to first «hundred» in just 4.5 seconds and have the «ceiling» speed of 275 km / h.

Among other technical features Lexus LC 500 2016-2017 worth mentioning the use of double wishbones with double joints at the front and multi-link fully independent suspension type rear, the presence of an electric power-assisted steering as well as the use of disc brakes with 6-cylinder engine for the front wheels and a pair of 4 -mya cylinder for the rear wheels.

Test drive Lexus LC 500 2017

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