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Nissan GT-R 2017

Nissan GT-R 2017

Nissan GT-R 2017 — the restyling of a sports car

Redesigned sports car Nissan GT-R in 2017 celebrated its debut in the framework started in late March, the New York International Auto Show 2016. The updated Japanese model has a different exterior design, a revised interior design, an advanced multimedia system, an upgraded power plant and a number of technical improvements.

Current restyled to become the biggest in a series of updates, of which since the advent of the car to light, there are at least three in 2008.


Photos Nissan GT-R 2016-2017 model godaVneshne sports coupe from Nissan transformed quite seriously, especially in front of the body. There will be a new V-shaped grille with chrome trim and subtle than the previous structure of the cells, a modified bumper with aerodynamic profile and enlarged air intakes, slightly adjust the head optics.

Nissan GT-R 2017

Behind the minimum interference — lights are still made in the form of four kruglyashey grouped in pairs, each of which, however, can now boast improved graphics. The redesigned rear bumper is equipped with a twin-pipe exhaust system nozzle, providing an active audio amplifier.


The updated design of the rear Nissan GT-R 2016-2017 godaPomimo all these pronouncements redesigned Nissan GTR R35 feature the new 20-inch wheels with 15 spokes. They were worn tires 255/40 R20 for the front axle and 285/35 R20 — to the rear. Body color variant Blaze Metallic, presented at the official photo coupe, complement the palette available to model the enamels.

Exterior conversion, in particular the installation of new bumpers, have led to an increase in overall length of the Nissan GTR 2016-2017. By the pre-reform 4670 mm 40 mm was added, and now the distance between the edges of the bodywork is 4710 mm.

Other dimensions were left without adjustments: width — 1895 mm, height — 1370 mm, wheelbase — 2780 mm. Under the bottom preserved 110-mm ground clearance. Despite the abundance of external changes, Nissan GTR nothing could gain in terms of aerodynamics — the drag coefficient air flows remain equal to 0.26.


Interior Nissan

GTR 2016-2017 fotoNad interiors sports car engineers have worked no less than on the external appearance. The result was a completely perekroennaya front panel, which received more than a simple and clear architecture elements. Thus, the number of buttons and switches on the center console decreased from 27 to 11. Some of them are in a new climate control unit, attach right under the rectangular vents of the ventilation system. The upper part of the console is an 8-inch multimedia complex NissanConnect, replacing the still 7-inch screen. Another notable innovation in the cabin is the emergence of a new multifunction steering wheel with a different arrangement of the function buttons. But the combination of devices maintained its asymmetrical configuration with five dials of different size.


Taken care of the developers and the quality of the materials used — it has improved and became more finishing options. Audits were subjected to the front seats that have become significantly easier, while preserving the inherent predecessors tenacity in holding the body of the rider.

Extraneous noises in the Nissan GTR salon will now be even more reluctant to penetrate through the use of active noise cancellation technology and the use of other sound-absorbing materials.

The center console and tunnel Nissan GTR 2016-2017 phototechnical characteristics of Nissan GT-R 2016-2017

If we talk about the technology, it was not without attention, none of the most important sites. Car Body added to the stiffness, the suspension has been retuned, 6-speed robotised box began to shift gears more smoothly. Modernization affected the «heart» Nissan GTR — 3.8-liter gasoline engine with six cylinders.

Equipped with a twin-turbo unit now produces 573 hp power, which is 20 hp More dorestaylingovoy indicators. Planck peak torque increased by 5 Nm (up to 633 Nm). So a slight improvement in the engine specifications are unlikely to add playfulness and without possessing hurricane coupe dynamics. The car, as before, will spend for dispersal to «hundreds» of 2.8 seconds.


Transfer effort to the wheels in the new Nissan GT-R 2016-2017 implemented by all-wheel drive system, which, if necessary, connect the front axle, sending it to 50% of torque.

Multi-link suspension (both front and rear) fitted with shock absorbers with electronic regulation. There are three modes of operation: R (supersport), Sport (normal) and Comfort (comfortable). Brembo brakes with six front and four-piston calipers rear provide the necessary reactive sports car braking performance.

Start of sales of the new Nissan GTR is scheduled for summer 2016. The reception at the Russian model orders to be opened in May, estimated price — 5.4 million rubles.

Video Test — drive the Nissan GT-R 2017



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