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Infiniti QX60 2016.

Infiniti QX60 2016

Infiniti QX60 2016 — update seven-seater crossover.

The large seven-seat crossover Infinity QX60, formerly known under the name JX35, updated for the first time since the name change. For information about your new product brand representatives revealed, without waiting for the new year, but the official fashion show will take place at the January Auto Show in Detroit, where the Japanese «giant» will arrive in the company Q50 sedan.

However, unlike his partner, received a major update only in technology, crossover Infiniti QX60 model year 2016-2017 boasts a more balanced improvements that affected almost all aspects: exterior design, interior design, technical side.

However, about any serious intervention in any of the areas of the question, and all the improvements are targeted nature.


Photo Infiniti QX60 2016-2017V beginning of the review point out the dimensions of the car, kept the pre-reform values. Infiniti QX60 2016-2017 length is 4990 mm, width — 1960 mm, height — 1742 mm, wheelbase — 2900 mm. Such a huge «body» and seven seats allow us to consider a multi-functional crossover vehicle, perfectly suitable, including, for family trips.

At the same time it can be subjected to testing and light off-road, aided by the clearance of 180 mm and the short front overhang. At the same time stops for going on a serious «peresechenke» appear long wheelbase, weight and the lack of a full «off-road» all wheel drive system. But the technical nuances come back later, but first let us turn to the crossover appearance.


The updated exterior design of the Infiniti QX60 Infiniti QX60 fotoEksterer during renovation in 2016 transformed not so much, taking only a few cosmetic improvements.

The bow of the SUV now allocate an updated grille with fine mesh, which replaced the previous horizontal bars, a modified bumper with a larger section of the central air intake and fog lamps retouched, finished with chrome insert.

The main optics of the new Infiniti QX60 2016-2017, representing two narrow svetobloka has Xenon version, supplemented by LED daytime running lights. The hood is decorated with typical crossover for many models brand lateral edges, blending smoothly into the expressive front fenders.


Aft crossover acquired lanterns with different architecture of the optical elements, the trunk lid with a solid chrome strip, a redesigned bumper with enlarged diffuser and staggered down strokes reflectors. Rounding out the list of updates, new external fin antenna, painted in body color.


Furnishings Infiniti QX 60 2016-2017 Photo Salon five-meter car offers maximum freedom and comfort, ensuring a comfortable accommodation in any of the seven seats.

Passengers will be surrounded by high quality materials such as soft plastic skin a pleasant texture and wooden inserts. Front seats have wide cushions and gently embracing the torso of the rider backrest provided with lumbar support.

Access to the second and third row provide huge doorways. Triple sofa can be moved along the interior of 150 mm and the backrests can change the tilt angle and shape in proportion 40/60. Not too be infringed and the passengers of the gallery as a certain margin of freedom as overhead, and in the knee area, is still present here.


The above mentioned features of interior decoration Infiniti QX 60 are typical for the pre-reform cars, but what’s new?

First, the manufacturer claims about improving noise isolation through the use of three-layer glass, actively resists the ingress of outside noises. Also, work has been retuned three-zone air conditioning system is now more efficiently distribute the air flow to create the most comfortable atmosphere around any of the passengers.

Changes were finishing materials, the location of some buttons and switches, design and decoration of a number of governments. Additional USB-ports appeared on both rear rows of seats (one in the second and two — third).

Buyers of the new Infiniti QX60 2016-2017 offers seven personalization packages that complement the standard list of equipment available.

The second and third row of seats in the new Infiniti QX60 2016-2017 fotoPerechen electronic assistants and active safety systems also remained outside the attention of engineers.

The updated model was at the disposal of the system of emergency braking when it detects objects in front of (Forward Emergency Braking), warning of the danger of collision (Forward Collision Warning and Backup Collision Intervention), the system of the circular review Around View Monitor with Object Detection function (Moving Object Detection).


Specifications Infiniti QX60 2016-2017 year remained unchanged due to the lack of adjustment in the motor range.

One of the two available powertrains for the crossover is a 3.5-liter petrol «aspirated» V6 power of 262 hp Peak indicator motor torque is 336 Nm available at 4400 rev / min. Paired with the engine running CVT. The all-wheel drive configuration, together they provide the vehicle acceleration to 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds.

Average fuel consumption is around 10.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

The second power plant is a hybrid system that includes a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 230 hp and an electric motor of 20 hp The total capacity of the result is 250 hp Gearbox for Infiniti QX60 Hybrid provides the same — variator.


Only in the all-wheel drive version is offered in Russia Infiniti crossover.

The front suspension is based on the MacPherson strut, rear — multi-link in the design.

During the upgrade, engineers have replaced some of the running gear and the added information content of the steering wheel, so had the place rocking and before the banks have to go into the past.

Ability to change the operation mode selector on the transmission provides mezhpassazhirskom tunnel having a position Standard, Sport, Eco and Snow.

Prices and complete Infiniti QX60 2016

The cost of the updated crossover, likely will not be very different from the pre-reform.

The base version of the car will get a wide range of options, including electric and heated front seats, three-zone climate control, leather trim, heated steering wheel, a multimedia system with display of 8 inches, adaptive cruise control, panoramic sunroof, a set of the above-mentioned active safety systems.

Video Infiniti QX60 Infiniti QX60 2016-2017 year:



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