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Nissan Hyper Adventure 2024.

Nissan Hyper Adventure 2024.

Nissan Hyper Adventure 2024.

The prototype of a crossover for outdoor enthusiasts: the Nissan Hyper Adventure is preparing to debut.

Another concept of the Japanese brand is the second representative of the new “green” family.

The “live” premiere of the show cars will take place as part of the Japan Mobility exhibition, which starts at the end of this month.

Like a number of other automakers, Nissan continues to actively develop the crossover segment.

A week ago, the Japanese company showed the first concept that opens the future new family; its role was played by the Hyper Urban SUV, whose task was to demonstrate the direction of design and technological developments that will be used to create new all-electric models of the brand.

Now Nissan has declassified the harbinger of another new product.

The Nissan Hyper Adventure is the second concept that the manufacturer has shown in digital images so far.

The “live” premiere of all the brand’s show cars will take place as part of the Japan Mobility exhibition, which will open its doors at the end of October this year.

Nissan Hyper Adventure 2024.

Note that Nissan intends to declassify a couple more concepts in online format: their images will appear on October 17 and 19.

The company noted that the Nissan Hyper Adventure concept crossover is addressed to lovers of active recreation and motor tourism.

This show car redefines the styling cues first showcased by the Hyper Urban SUV.

The “adventure” SUV has a pair of traditional front doors, while the rear ones have a gullwing design.

Nissan Hyper Adventure 2024.

The manufacturer explained that the all-electric Hyper Adventure crossover is suitable not only for short forays into nature, but also for a full-fledged road trip.

The concept was equipped with a high-capacity traction battery (the indicator was not declassified), and it also has a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) function, which allows you to direct energy to various household appliances, as well as to the network (vehicle-to-grid, V2G).

Nissan Hyper Adventure is equipped with a front spoiler with an air intake that redirects air flow, which has a positive effect on aerodynamic characteristics.

In addition, the front and rear bumpers, as well as all wheels, are equipped with special brackets (the creators were inspired by mountaineering crampons), which help the SUV overcome snowy sections of the road.

The conceptual crossover also has a set of automatically extending and retracting steps in the stern area, which allow you to comfortably put on skis or other outdoor gear.

Nissan Hyper Adventure 2024.

The rear seat, which can rotate 180 degrees, will also help with this.

Nissan also said that the cargo compartment of the Hyper Adventure will fit a tent and all the necessary equipment, including skis.

Judging by the interior images, the virtual instrument panel is visually connected to the lower part of the windshield and is a screen with a very wide field of view.

Below is a large panel, apparently acting as a touchscreen for the multimedia system.

Nissan Hyper Adventure 2024.

The seats have an unusual design with belts and are trimmed with practical fabric.

There is no information about the technology, but we can assume that this all-terrain vehicle will have all-wheel drive.

Let us remember that at the beginning of last year, Nissan announced that they could stop producing and selling new cars with internal combustion engines, but not in all markets where the brand operates.

Thus, complete “greening” threatens Europe, where the brand intends to sell exclusively zero-emission models from 2030.


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