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Renault Duster in 2016

Renault Duster in 2016

Renault Duster in 2016: a new generation of crossover.

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Renault Duster 2016 model year promises to be as popular as the previous generation of the crossover. The French manufacturer has promised to upgrade not only the appearance of the car, but also its technological component. Let’s look in more detail than is good new Duster, and for which he can be reproached.



Updated Renault Duster second generation looks fresh and modern his older brother. Those who have already had a chance to test the new product, note the increased reliability and brutality crossover. The exterior has not been changed completely, however, point transformations are seen everywhere.

As with other crossovers in recent years, there has been renewed front bumper and grille. Head lights made modular, but decided to withdraw from the LEDs — yet the car budget. It became available in new color «khaki» and another option wheels. Rear light, too little changed, having borrowed its shape from the German crossovers and, again, without having to install expensive toppings to contain prices.


The interior of a second-generation Renault Duster

Restyling and interior affected Duster. Finishing materials become modern and high quality, although the ubiquitous plastic is still here. In terms of ergonomics and all felt better, center console noticeably changed. Central part takes touchscreen multimedia system that is running a proprietary program shell Reno, familiar to Russians on the previous model.

It afflicts only that the screen is at an awkward angle, and some may blikovat the sun. Replaced in the updated crossovers and seats that keep the body in better cornering. Greater comfort, however, is not added, on the road and then have to stop to stretch their limbs.


The interior of Renault Duster 2015

We stay here and some other disadvantages older version. The same control unit windows on the driver’s door can interfere with the feet, and the joystick mirrors, located under the handbrake, inconvenient to use. Of course, beauty does not shine comfort, but its value it offers quite good opportunities.


Big changes were made range of engines Renault Duster 2016. Powertrains were not just reconfigured, and completely replaced by more advanced models. Currently available three engines. Two petrol engines 1.6 liters and 2 give 102 and 135 horsepower, respectively, and its diesel counterpart during a half liters of volume has 110 forces. As before, the Renault engines are economical, and that was one of the reasons for the popularity of the crossover.

Consumption of gasoline powertrains of 7.4 and 7.8 liters per hundred in combined cycle. Diesel consumes 5.3 liters at all, which is one of the best performance for this class and price range. For petrol engines offered as a mechanic and automatic, diesel — only with manual transmission. Duster with the 1.6-liter engine is available only with front-wheel drive, all other options are offered crossover 4×4.
Due to low power Duster can not boast a particularly dynamic: at best, it will accelerate to 100 in 10.3 seconds (with a 2-liter engine and mechanics). Data for pre-order show that consumers, as before, prefer diesel, which is not surprising: with it Renault pulls better, and feel more cheerful. If you use a good fuel should have no problem with the loss of power in the cold season.

Bulletproof Suspension Duster last stayed here unchanged, so that the Russian roads are not particularly afraid of a Frenchman with a clearance of 21 cm. It is safe to move out knurled way, but with the lack of roads should be more careful. Of course, even a country road and a small river does not stop the update Duster, but still to a full off-road terrain in terms of it away.

Price and equipment Renault Duster

New Duster is available in four trim levels.

Authentique. The most accessible of them — with the engine 1.6 liters and front-wheel drive, — costs from 599,000 rubles. All-wheel drive modification would cost 100 thousand more.

Expression. Options Expression offers more than convenience — it is equipped with air conditioning, electric windows front, electric and heated mirrors. Optionally available for the installation of the navigation system, heated front seats, cruise control, protivotumanok, passenger airbag (driver’s airbag is already in the database), and the metallic coating. Duster in this version is available from 710 990 rubles, the choice — all three engines.

Privilege. Renault Duster in the default configuration Privilege offers heated rear seats, steering wheel trim, cruise control and onboard computer. As an option, you can choose eletrosteklopodemniki rear doors, side airbags and rear-view camera. Price — 815 990 rubles.
Luxe Privilege. Finally, the top-end equipment — Luxe Privilege. It is available for 915,990 rubles. This assumes full power accessories, leather interior, tinted windows, decorative moldings and roof rails. With all the possible options, Renault Duster is a little more than 1 million rubles.


Renault Duster 2016, will certainly be one of the most popular crossover following years. He has to do all the data availability, cost-effectiveness, a great range of engines and a wide choice of complete sets.

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