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Volkswagen Atlas 2020.

Volkswagen Atlas 2020

Volkswagen Atlas 2020. Volkswagen Atlas 2020: restyling of the crossover of the famous Teramont model in Russia (price and specifications). The Chicago car dealership was incredibly rich in surprises. One of them was the fresh restyling of a large crossover from Volkswagen — Atlas, which we are slowly selling under the name Teramont. The novelty […]

Volkswagen Polo 2020.

Volkswagen Polo 2020..

Volkswagen Polo 2020. Volkswagen Polo 2020: family car model in the sedan and hatchback versions The range of inexpensive, comfortable and functional sedans of the Volkswagen Polo series was replenished with the post-styling version of the Volkswagen Polo 2020.


GIG MERCEDES-MAYBACH S 650 — exclusive luxury. The new Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet 2017-2018 year — photo and video, price and amenities. Technical specs Year 2017-2018 Mercedes Maybach S 650, exclusively from the luxury cabriolet premium brand Mercedes-Maybach.


OPEL INSIGNIA 2017 — SECOND OPEL Insignia The new Opel Insignia 2017-2018 model year pre-submitted network Dec. 7, 2016. In our review of photos and videos, price and packaging, specifications Opel Insignia 2 generation. The official world premiere of the new items German Opel AG 2017 new second-generation hatchback Opel Insignia Grand Sport is scheduled […]

Maserati Quattroporte 2017


Maserati Quattroporte 2017 Prestige, sport, luxury and advanced technology all rolled into one. Italian masterpiece — a redesigned Maserati Quattroporte 2017. Italian cars have always been able to give vivid emotions owner, but along with the German conceded in technology and reliability. The sports limousine Maserati Kvatroporte 2017 all of these shortcomings have been corrected.

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