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Audi Q5 2017-2018

Audi Q5 2017-2018 — planned restyling of the popular crossover

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At the international car forum, held in Paris in the second half of September this year, was presented at once several interesting novelties, among which one of the key roles was assigned to the second generation of the crossover Audi Q5 2017-2018. The presented car received an updated interior design that fully corresponds to the family dress code of the German automaker, which is relevant for today. In addition, Audi Q5 2017-2018 year increased in size, tested the air suspension, purchased new power units, acquired a wide range of additional equipment. Photos, technical characteristics, prices and kits of the «fifth-fifth» of a new sample will be presented in the current review


2017 Audi Q51

With a careful examination of the external appearance, it becomes evident that the compact crossover Audi Q5 of the new generation in many respects repeats the older model Q7. Moreover, from some angles the novelty looks in a literal sense a smaller copy of the «ku-seventh». Unlike the previous version, the upgraded SUV of the second generation seems more serious and even somewhat brutal. A certain sharpness of appearance is added by the «frowning» front part of the body with faceted headlights and a stylish grille. A long hood, a falling roof, accented stiffeners on the sides of the body and underlined wheel arches form a harmonious silhouette of a «tightly knocked» car.

Not bad new product looks and from the stern — here draw attention to the original parking lights with sophisticated shades, hiding the LED optics. The rear bumper turned out to be very large, which adds to the car solidity and solidity.

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2017 Audi Q5

With the increase in dimensions, the car became hardly fit into the standards of the compact crossover class. Designed on the basis of the MLB platform, the all-road Audi Ku 5 2017-2018 has a length of 4663 mm (+34 mm to the pre-reform level) and a wheelbase of 2,819 mm (+12 mm). The width of the body of the new model was 1893 mm (-5 mm), and its height is 1659 mm (+4 mm). It is noteworthy that, despite the increased size, the «fifth-fifth» became lighter than its predecessor. The weight reduction of the machine was almost 100 kg — this was achieved by developers thanks to the extensive use of aluminum parts in the structure. So, from the «winged» metal, the hood, the tailgate, the cross members of the bumper and the suspension bracket are made. At the same time, the strength required for the body is provided by high-strength grades.

The interior of the new crossover Audi Q5 meets the severity of lines and the clarity of the cabinet design. However, there is no question of any conservatism, because behind the brevity and restraint of the design is seen the wealth and luxury of materials with a verified ergonomics and a high level of comfort. The front panel is a sample of style and elegance. The fully virtual dashboard, which is installed as an option for expensive models, has a 12.3-inch diagonal display. The new multi-functional steering wheel received relief contours with convenient grip places. The central console is made in the form of an original tide with a block of climatic installation of a trapezoidal configuration.

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2017 Audi Q5.

Perhaps, the monitor of the multimedia installation, solved in the form of a separately standing tablet with a diagonal of 8.5 inches, looks a little ambiguous. He looks a bit alien, obviously not adding to the overall interior design bonus points.

To the convenience of placement inside the new Audi Q5 there are no complaints — the front seats look not only spectacular, but also provide a comfortable and safe landing. The abundance of adjustments will allow you to easily adjust the seats for a particular driver and passenger. The pronounced lateral support ensures reliable retention of the body when passing steep turns. At the same time, the optimal profile and the presence of the lumbar support rollers exclude rapid fatigue in a long journey.


2017 Audi Q5..

Rear seats are not less comfortable — there is enough free space above your heads and in the area of your knees. Complaints can be made only by the second-row passenger, whose seat will be in the middle of the couch — a fairly bulging upward floor tunnel significantly hampering the landing. But the cushions of the rear sofa have the optimum rigidity and are installed on a comfortable sled, allowing you to adjust the seats on the fly.

The capacity index of the luggage compartment Audi Q5 in the new body is one of the best in its class. So, with the standard position of the second-row seats, the trunk volume varies from 550 to 610 liters, depending on the longitudinal position of the seats on the adjusting sled. Folding the rear seats from the trunk of the crossover, you can get a real «hold» of 1550 liters.


2017 Audi Q5...

Technical equipment Audi Q5 2017-2018 model year

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Since the beginning of sales, the car will be available with five engines — one petrol and four diesels. The petrol 2.0-liter TFSI Quartet with a direct injection system and a pair of compressors develops a maximum output of 252 hp. (370 Nm). Three diesel engines TDI, having the same working volume of 2.0 liters and direct fuel injection, are able to develop maximum power in 150, 163 and 190 hp. The top diesel unit 3.0 V6 produces up to 286 hp. Power at a peak torque of 620 Nm.

Four-cylinder engines rely on a 6-speed manual transmission or a modern 7-band «robot» S tronic. These combinations work in conjunction with the quattro ultra all-wheel drive system, which includes a multi-plate electro-hydraulic clutch for connecting the rear axle wheels and a cam clutch in the rear axle reducer, stopping the rotation of the propeller shaft and the differential gear when driving in the front-drive mode. The version with the initial 150-horsepower diesel is equipped with a new 4WD scheme as an option, the remaining modifications are by default.


2017 Audi Q5....

The powerful diesel turbo unit V6 in the Audi Q5 line of motors stands apart. First, it works in conjunction with another transmission — an 8-speed automatic Tiptronic. Secondly, it provides a classic scheme for a permanent all-wheel drive quattro with a central differential. The top diesel modification Audi Ku 5 will be one of the few that have preserved the good old mechanical «self-block» Thorsen.

Suspension of the new Q5 in the basic version consists of standard springs and shock absorbers changing their settings based on the selected Drive Drive mode. Optional pneumatic suspension with variable ground clearance is available (five positions are available).

Complete sets and prices Audi Q5 in Russia

On the Russian market Audi Ku 5 of the second generation will not get until the spring of 2017. Assemblies and prices in ruble terms will be announced closer to the start date of sales. In Europe, the crossover will also appear next year, the estimated cost is 45 thousand euros.

Test drive Audi Q5 2017-2018



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