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Land Rover Defender 2018

Land Rover

New Land Rover Defender 2018

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The British brand called Land Rover will please its fans with the new model Defender 2018. The manufacturer states that the model will become the most advanced in the history of British SUVs.

It is planned to plant this model on an aluminum platform. The Defender 2018 has many similarities in design with Range Rover, Range Sport and Land Rover Discovery.

Off-road car of the new generation is planned to be produced in two variations with standard and extended wheelbase, the sizes of which correspond to 2922 and 3120 mm.

Land Rover

About power parameters

For Land Rover Defender took as a basis suspension from SUV Discovery, which is completed with steel springs. The British engineers tried their best to make the front and rear overhangs on the Defender more concise.

Now the new British SUV «Defender» from Land Rover will be the first and best model in this line in terms of fitness to overcome various off-road problems.


Land Rover...

With regard to power equipment, the SUV Defender 2018 is planned to be equipped with two types of engines. Under the hood, you can meet both a 2-liter gasoline engine and a diesel four. Engines predominantly of the Ingenium family, to which the turbocharging system of atmospheric and compressor types V6 will be applied.


Land Rover.

A little bit about design

Entering the free market of the British model of Defender is planned mainly for 2018, but not earlier than that. The SUV design will come in two variations: standard or civil and hardcore or for heavy off-road. Now the buyer can choose for himself the preferred option.

Now in full swing tests are being conducted on this steel horse, which has simply an impressive look and body shape. The hard-core version will be equipped with a winch, which will find its purpose in this SUV.


Land Rover..

The SUV is equipped with modern optics, cast wheel disks and power bumpers. With any new outfit outfit will be subject to any obstacles. In addition, it looks great not only off-road, but also pleases its powerful and, at the same time, elegant style among the urban traffic flow.

Initially, it was expected that the SUV will be launched in the beginning of 2018, but later the owner of the company Land Rover said that the novelty should be expected no earlier than by 2019. On the cost so far no news, but I want to hope for an adequate price for the British quality.

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