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Opel GT Concept 2016

Opel GT Concept 2016

New car models, photos of new cars. Opel GT Concept 2016
Opel has released a prototype GT Concept, which the company will demonstrate the public in the spring of 2016, 86 car show in Geneva. NEW Compact is a logical extension of the concept presented earlier Monza.


Externally, the car thoroughbred athlete with soft rounded shapes, long hood and big wheels with low-profile tires, the front of which are bright red bus and black tail. Two-tone color body, too, has a red line under the roof, where it is the touch pad to open the big doors with an electric drive.Usual side mirrors missing — their role is played by the camera located behind the massive rear arches, with a picture output to the driver on the electronic screens inside the car.


Under the hood of the car 3-cylinder engine volume of 1.0 liters, which is installed on the compact Astra, Corsa and Adam. The turbocharged aluminum unit develops 145 horsepower and 205 Nm of torque, the coupe accelerates to a maximum of 215 km / h and accelerate from a standstill to 100 km / h in less than 8 seconds.


The engine is mated to a sequential gearbox with the ability to switch on the steering wheel petals that transmits engine torque rear wheel drive.
Test drive Opel GT Concept


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