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Audi A6 2016.


Audi A6 2016 — German quality and strict style.

The company automaker Audi AG, it seems, completely satisfied with the way it looks brainchild. That’s why she decided not to make radical changes in the appearance of the model A6, and make only a «facelift». Internal changes are more significant, and look under the hood of a brand new Audi is already the dream of many motorists. So, what you need to know about Audi A6, announced in 2016?


Introducing the exterior

Visually design Audi in 2016 will remain the same conservative as he was before. But the experienced observer will immediately notice some changes: firstly, it is updated to the car. The radiator grille is now «whittle» around the edges, and the entire front bumper became more angular. Reworked also air intakes — now they look more boldly and predatory.

Add a horizontal chrome strip is interrupted by foglights. Perhaps the most successful changes undergone rear view. Completely changed the rear lights, which are now become more acute and angular look. Some versions have wide rectangular tailpipes.


What’s in the cabin?

Visually, the interior has not changed, except for the appearance of several new decorations. Interior remains the same spacious, and the main changes were internal, invisible at first glance components. Thus, navigation and infotainment systems have improved the new equipment, which includes a faster graphics processor.

The new Audi A6 will be set 30 set Tegra from Nvidia. Technological upgrade also includes two memory card reader, interface Bluetooth, 64 GB of flash memory and an 8-inch monitor. In addition, added and modified functions assistants: a warning when leaving the lane detection system and blind spots. Now they will interact better.

Driver safety control system that speeds up or slows down the new Audi to maintain safe optimum distance to the nearest car. Improved and features two radar sensors that when changing lanes by a red LEDs built into the side mirrors, signal the possible threat.

These features are impressive, even at a basic level; perhaps this is the right direction in the automotive industry, for Audi A6 — this is a luxury brand. You may want to pay extra for the high-tech gadgets such as GoogleEarth, mobile 4GLTE, Wi-Fi router, and so on.


What’s under the hood?

Major updates are waiting for us under the hood of the Audi. The car will be launched with an extensive number of options for configuration. The lineup starts with a 2-liter diesel engine with 150 horses under the hood, followed by 1.8 and 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engines, which have been issued 180 and 252 hp respectively.

The top versions are equipped with 3-liter supercharged or turbo V6 — this is for the fans to feel under the hood of your car real power, which is manifested even when lightly pressed on the gas. The manufacturer claims here about 333 horsepower.

All petrol-wheel-drive cars have a seven-speed gearbox combined with the dual-clutch. Diesel also gets an eight. The gain in power now allows to feel like the King of the road. Particularly striking a good balance between comfort and precision of the Audi 2016 — the brakes are not too sensitive, but when sudden braking is not exactly disappoint.


Restyling is successful. The car looks a little updated, more — internally, but because the Audi A6 and so perfect and powerful changes can only spoil the impression. It is consistent with the business class and price, starting at around 2 million.

Perhaps this model and does not expect technical and design breakthrough, but certainly it will help the Audi still a long stay on top, which is very important in the conditions of intense competition in the automotive market.
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