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Baic Foton Mars 7 2024.

Baic Foton Mars 7 2024.

Baic Foton Mars 7 2024.

Baic Foton Mars 7 2024. Dealers began selling new Foton Mars 7 pickups worth 4.35 million rubles.

A new pickup truck from China, built on a modern platform, has reached the Russian market.

Sales of the Foton Mars 7 pickup truck of the current assembly year have started. It was valued at 4 million 350 thousand rubles.

Dealers brought an extended version of this assembly year using “gray” supply schemes.

Its body stretched 5,797 mm in length. The width is 2,090 mm and the height is 1,910 mm. The wheelbase size reaches 3,505 mm.

The off-road product is based on the latest FIA platform from Foton and is equipped with a 2.0-liter diesel engine.

It is paired with a 48-volt starter-generator and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The power plant of this “Chinese” generates 163 “horses” and 450 Nm.

In addition, the Mars 7 features an all-wheel drive system, complemented by the option of forced rear differential locking.

Baic Foton Mars 7 2024.

In terms of options, Foton Mars 7 can offer a large 14.6-inch multimedia touchscreen, a Start/Stop system, automatic climate control, heated front seats and a rear view camera.

A Foton pickup truck with a design similar to the Ford F-150 was brought from China. The models are indeed very similar in the design of the front part — optics and radiator grille.

Baic Foton Mars 7 2024.

The ad states that the Foton pickup truck is available at a dealer in Vladivostok: under the hood it has a 163-horsepower 2.0-liter turbodiesel, all-wheel drive, and the transmission is an eight-speed ZF automatic.

The seller valued Foton Mars 7 at 4,350,000 rubles, while prices for the parallel-imported Ford F-150 start from 12 and reach 20 million.

Mars 7, of course, is inferior to the American pickup truck in terms of equipment and power, but it also has a good set of equipment: there is a 12.3-inch diagonal digital instrument panel, a 14.6-inch touch screen multimedia system, LED headlights and heated front seats.

Baic Foton Mars 7 2024.

In China, a panoramic roof, all-round cameras and adaptive cruise control are optionally available.

The Mars family of pickup trucks was introduced in China this spring. These are larger and more expensive models than the Tunland familiar to Russians.

Mars 7 and the “senior” Mars 9 are frame pickups with a double-wishbone spring suspension at the front and a solid axle at the rear.

Both have a four-seater cabin and a “mild hybrid” setup — the turbodiesel is complemented by a 48-volt starter-generator. “Seventh”, in addition to automatic, is available with “mechanics”, while “ninth” is offered exclusively with automatic transmission.

Baic Foton Mars 7 2024.

The drive is a rigidly connected four-wheel drive with a reduction gear.

In China, Mars 7 at the stage of accepting orders cost 118.8-168.8 thousand yuan (1.48-2.1 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

Prices for Mars 9, which is more reminiscent of another American pickup truck, the Ram 1500, range from 153.8 thousand to 187.8 thousand yuan (1.9-2.35 million rubles). But the “ninth”, apparently, is not yet supplied to Russia.

Earlier, information appeared that both Foton Mars 7 and Mars 9 could officially appear on the Russian market. Deliveries are expected during 2024.


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