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BAIC X7 2024.

BAIC X7 2024.

BAIC X7 2024.

We have presented a pre-reform SUV. The model is available with a gasoline turbo engine; there is only one configuration for now.

The Kaliningrad Avtotor plant began industrial assembly of the BAIC X7 crossover at the end of October.

This SUV, we recall, became the fifth model of the Chinese concern to receive Russian “registration”; it joined the BAIC U5 Plus sedan, the BAIC BJ40 frame SUV, the BAIC X35 and BAIC X55 SUVs.

Now the start of sales of the X-Seventh has been announced: it is reported that the shipment of cars to dealership centers will start today from the central warehouse in Moscow.

In China, the five-seat crossover Beijing X7 (the Beijing brand is used mainly in its homeland) debuted in 2020; it is considered the flagship of the “passenger SUV” line (that is, excluding the off-road BJ series).

In the spring of 2023, a restyled SUV entered the domestic market — with a frameless radiator grille, new optics and a modernized interior. However, the pre-reform X7 is still being produced in the Russian Federation.

The length of our version is 4710 mm, width – 1892 mm, height – 1715 mm, wheelbase – 2800 mm.

BAIC X7 2024.

Thus, in terms of its dimensions, the BAIC X7 is close to the previous generation Hyundai Santa Fe, which, by the way, was made by Avtotor for the Russian Federation before the well-known events began.

The X-Seven’s rated ground clearance is quite a respectable 200 mm. Trunk volume – 410 liters.

BAIC X7 2024.

At home, the X7 comes in the form of a rechargeable hybrid, but we only have the “traditional” version: the Russian crossover is equipped with a 1.5 petrol turbo-four that produces 180 hp. and 270 Nm.

The engine can be “powered” by AI-92, it is paired with a seven-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches. The drive is exclusively front-wheel drive.

BAIC X7 2024.

In Russia, the BAIC X7 is now offered in a single Comfort configuration.

The list of equipment includes: LED optics, 18-inch wheels, electric drive and heated exterior mirrors, rear parking sensors, panoramic roof, leather interior, keyless entry system and engine start button, heated steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, virtual tidy (7 inches), multimedia system with a 12.3-inch touchscreen, front airbags, all-round cameras, cruise control, lane marking and blind spot monitoring systems.

BAIC X7 2024.

The price of BAIC X7 is 3,100,000 rubles. For comparison, the front-wheel drive Haval F7 with 1.5T (150 hp) and 7DCT today costs from 2,399,000 rubles, Jetour X70 Plus with 1.6T (190 hp), 7DCT and 2WD – from 2,999,900 rubles, and Chery Tiggo 8 Pro with 1.6T (186 hp), 7DCT and 2WD – from 3,430,000 rubles.


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