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Cupra Born 2022.

Cupra Born 2022.

Cupra Born 2022.

Cupra Born 2022. New hatchback Cupra Born: declassified more powerful «relative» Volkswagen ID.3.

The release of the novelty is planned to be launched at the VW concern plant in the German city of Zwickau in September this year.

Cupra was initially a subsidiary of the Spanish brand Seat, among its tasks was the development of «charged» versions of the Seat (the division appeared in 1985).

However, in 2018, the manufacturer decided to create a separate brand, under which models with higher power motors are now being produced (compared to the «regular» Seat).

Now the Spanish brand Cupra has presented its first electric car, which is the «brother» of the Volkswagen ID.3.

The harbinger of the «electro hatch» declassified today was the Seat el-Born concept, which the company showed in the spring of 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Then, in the summer of 2020, a prototype of the «green» novelty appeared: moreover, on the way to the conveyor, the car changed the Seat brand to Cupra.

Cupra Born 2022.

Later it became known, among other things, about a change in the name — instead of el-Born, Born will soon appear on sale.

As we reported earlier, the Cupra Born is the twin to the first-born Volkswagen green lineup, the five-door ID.3 hatchback.

From the «donor» the new product of the Spanish brand got a silhouette, but in general, the exterior is almost completely made in accordance with the 2020 el-Born show car.

Cupra Born 2022.

Compared to the «German», the model has a different LED optics with sharper edges, as well as a «pointed» shape of the hood and a larger air intake integrated into the lower part of the front bumper.

The stern features a diffuser and a horizontal strip of light that connects the triangular taillights in the Cupra style. The standard version received 20-inch wheels (for the base ID.3 — 18 inches).

The interior of the Cupra Born is also borrowed from Volkswagen’s «electric hatch», but has a number of features.

So, the virtual instrument panel has its own graphics, and the 12-inch touchscreen of the multimedia system has a more traditional rectangular shape (the ID.3 has a 10-inch touchscreen).

Cupra Born 2022.

In addition, the Spanish «green» hatchback has a different steering wheel and dashboard trim, and the cup holders are under the curtain.

There is also a signature copper-colored décor, as well as the front sports bucket seats, finished with a material that was created using plastic pulled from the seas and rivers.

Of course, the Cupra Born’s platform is the same as that of the first-born of the «green» Volkswagen family — MEB (Modularer E-Antriebs-Baukasten).

The basic version of the new «hatch» is equipped with a 150-horsepower electric motor located on the rear axle and a traction battery with a capacity of 45 kWh. Without recharging, this version of the Born is capable of running 340 km.

There is also a version with a more powerful electric motor (its output is 204 hp), as well as with a battery with a capacity of 58 kW * h. The power reserve according to the passport for this option is 420 km.

Cupra Born 2022.

The top version of the Born will receive an e-Boost package (the VW ID.3 does not have such a performance).

Such an electric car will still have one motor located on the rear axle, but its power is 231 hp. (the torque is the same as for other variants — 310 Nm).

A battery with a capacity of 77 kW * h is available for it, the mileage without recharging is 540 km. Note that the Cupra Born has a re-tuned suspension compared to the ID.3.

In the future, Cupra Born may have a more powerful version, it is possible that with a twin-engine installation.

This is hinted at by the previously shown Volkswagen ID X show car, equipped with two electric motors (one on each axle), the total system power is 333 hp.

True, VW previously noted that this concept was not intended for production, so while the appearance of a «charged» Born is just rumors.

The production of Cupra Born is planned to be launched at the VW plant in the German city of Zwickau in September this year.

The cost of the hatchback has not yet been announced in the company. Note that the starting price tag of the Volkswagen ID.3 in the home market is 31,495 euros (equivalent to about 2.83 million rubles at the current exchange rate).

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