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Ford GT LM Edition 2023.

Ford GT LM Edition 2023.

Ford GT LM Edition 2023.

Ford GT LM Edition 2023: a farewell version of the gasoline supercar is dedicated to former victories.

Ford has unveiled the latest special edition LM Edition of its flagship mid-engine sports car, the Ford GT, which will end production at the end of this year.

The LM Edition is limited to 20 units, and will be part of the total run (1,350 units).

That this year will be the last for the modern supercar Ford GT second generation (produced since 2016), we reported in February, then the company Ford has presented the seventh retrospective version of this model — Alan Mann Heritage Edition, and the total Ford GT special versions in the end will be ten, including the LM Edition presented today.

The tenth and final special edition would also logically have been made retrospective and dedicated to the legendary 1966 Ford GT40 victory at Le Mans, brilliantly praised in the 2019 Ford vs. Ferrari feature film, but Ford marketers ultimately decided to tie the LM Edition to a more modern victory, namely the first place of the racing Ford GT in the LMGTE Pro class at Le Mans in 2016.

In 2016, two Ford Chip Ganassi Team USA cars made the podium in the LMGTE Pro class.

First place went to car number 68 (pilots — Joey Hand, Dirk Muller, Sebastien Bourdet).

Ford GT LM Edition 2023.

The third place got the car with number 69 (drivers — Ryan Briscoe, Richard Westbrook, Scott Dixon), and between them wedged Ferrari 488 GTE with number 82 of Risi Competizione (drivers — Giancarlo Fisichella, Matteo Malucelli, Tony Wilander), which became a kind of rhyme of confrontation between Ford and Ferrari at Le Mans 1966.

The decor of the Ford GT LM Edition uses several 3D-printed parts, including a metal license plate on the front of the cabin.

Ford GT LM Edition 2023.

So to make this decal, Ford pulverized the crankshaft of a stock Ford GT LMGTE Pro engine number 69 that raced at Le Mans in 2016, and added it to each of the 20 LM Edition decals — such a specific fetish.

Other features of the LM Edition include a basic Liquid Silver body color with a choice of red or blue outline decors, 20-inch carbon fiber wheels with titanium mounting nuts, black brake calipers, and 3D-printed exhaust tips.

The interior is upholstered in black alcantara, and the carbon fiber driver’s and passenger’s seats are upholstered in different colors: the passenger’s is black, the driver’s is red or blue.

Ford GT LM Edition 2023.

The technical stuffing is standard. We remind you that in 2020, the Ford GT underwent a technical upgrade.

The suspension was readjusted, and the power of the 3.5-liter gasoline twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost, working with a seven-speed Getrag «robot» with two clutches, was increased from 656 to 669 hp.

Ford GT LM Edition 2023.

The Canadian firm Multimatic is assembling all Ford GTs by hand, and orders are no longer being taken on Ford’s website, which means all slots, including 20 LM Edition cars, are already disassembled. The retail price of the Ford GT was about $500,000.

Ford hasn’t said anything yet about a new Ford GT — we probably shouldn’t expect one in the next few years. Ford customers aren’t used to this, as the pause between the first and second generations of the Ford GT lasted ten years.

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