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GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner 2022.

GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner 2022.

GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner 2022.

The new GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner 2022 has been shown on the first renders.Independent designer Sergei

Barinov has created a very spectacular visualization: we see a modern version of the ZIM with a more aggressive design and high-tech interior.

This project was named GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner, the portal reports. Three years ago Sergey Barinov created the first version of the new ZIM.

This car was designed based on neoclassical and retrofuturism, as well as steampunk. The output was a rather aesthetic car with a very bold and unconventional design.

GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner 2022.

The new GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner received from its predecessor the basic elements of the body: a sloping transparent roof, closed rear wheel arches and panoramic windshield in the style of American cars of the 50-60s.

But the front of the «ZIM» and its stern were thoroughly redesigned. The designer added more avant-garde to the sides of the car.

GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner 2022.

The new car is similar to the classic long-wheelbase GAZ-12 ZIM with a recognizable shape of the hood and the contour of the radiator grille.

GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner received a sloping roof and panoramic windshield.

Three years ago the sedan showed vertical headlights, the car on the new renders gets narrow horizontal optics.

GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner 2022.

Rear headlights have become more compact, and there is room for a retractable spoiler on the trunk lid. Another spoiler is located on the upper edge of the rear window, and the exhaust pipes have taken on a triangular shape.

The rear wheels were hidden, and two spoilers were added to the stern.

GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner 2022.

Inside the GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner cabin we can see a stylish multi steering wheel, virtual «dashboard», multimedia with an increased touchscreen, a separate touch screen for «climate» control with a pair of physical «knobs», rectangular air ducts, convenient control knob and so on.

Interior strikes with technology, luxury and atmosphere.

GAZ-12 ZIM Hyperliner 2022.

The second row, as before, is a pair of separate seats with a high separating the central tunnel.

Rear-row passengers would get a huge amount of space.

Meanwhile, the Russian car market has climbed to second place in Europe in August 2021. The first place is still held by Germany.

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