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Hyundai Sonata 2018.

Hyundai Sonata 2018

Hyundai Sonata 2018.

Hyundai Sonata 2018: restyled model of the sedan

At the automobile show in New York in April 2017, the Korean automobile giant Hyundai officially introduced the updated model in the body of the Hyundai Sonata sedan in 2018.

The preview was held in early March at the birthplace of the automaker in Seoul. Restyling car will come to replace the current now sixth generation of the series.

Hyundai Sonata

The novelty should enter the Russian market this fall. According to preliminary data, the cost of the seventh generation of the Sonata for the Russian Federation will be about 1 million 150 thousand rubles for the basic configuration.

The updated sedan has a more modern appearance, improved interior trim, upgraded equipment and a new range of powertrains.

Hyundai Sonata.

Features of a design and an ex-terrier of a car

Exterior Hyundai Sonata of 2018 supports the current corporate policy of the Korean brand and meets the modern automotive fashion.

Completely redesigned front part of the body boasts an original relief hood, a huge trapezoidal grille, a large head LED oblong-shaped optics (Full LED filling is optional) and a solid front bumper with an effective arrangement of daytime running lights on LEDs.

On the modernized stern stylish two-level sizes with LED stuffing are decorated. The new tailgate no longer has a platform for installing the license plate. She moved to the updated rear bumper, from under which aggressively protrudes a large trapezoidal branch pipe exhaust system.


Hyundai Sonata..

In neat wheel arches, you can install seventeen or eighteen-inch alloy wheels. Also, new shades will be available for painting the body.

Despite the rather deep redesign of the exterior, the overall dimensions of the novelty remained the same. The length of the car reaches 485.5 cm, width — 186.5 cm, height — 147.5 cm. The distance between the axles is 280.5 cm, and the ground clearance — 14.5 cm.

Hyundai Sonata...

Interior design and equipment of the Hyundai Sonata 2018

Inside the cabin, the five-door restyling Sonata has not changed its appearance dramatically, as it is outside. The manufacturer promises better and expensive interior decoration.

Among the innovations can be noted a convenient three-spoke steering wheel with a multifunctional stuffing, modified deflectors of the ventilation system, a base for recharging mobile phones, an additional USB connector at the bottom of the center console, as well as a modern multimedia complex with seven or eight-inch full-color touchscreen and mobile synchronization via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Also, depending on the configuration, the following equipment will be available:

Climatic installation in two zones;
Possibility of heating, ventilation and electric adjustment of front seats;
System of heating of a rudder and seats of the second row;
Seven airbags with knee protection in the driver’s seat; Advanced intelligent cruise control;
Emergency emergency reduction system for a possible frontal collision with the function of determining the transverse pedestrian traffic ahead of the car;
A tracking system for road marking with the function of automatically holding the selected lane;
Monitoring of «blind» zones hidden from rear-view mirrors; Parking assistant;
Rear surveillance camera or a system of circular video review.

And this is not the whole list of innovations. The new Hyundai model will have many other multimedia features, modern security systems and assistance to the driver. Details will be known closer to the autumn release.


Hyundai Sonata....

Technical characteristics of the model

The new Korean sedan is based on a front-wheel-drive «trolley» with independent suspension. On the front axle are the «MacPherson suspension» stands, and the rear wheels have a multi-link system. There are disc-type brakes for all four wheels, electric power steering and electric parking brake.

Also in the basic equipment is the technology «Drive Mode Select», which allows you to quickly change the running and steering settings for optimal movement in certain road conditions.

What precise power packs the automaker has prepared for the Russian automotive market is still unknown, but at home in South Korea, they are represented by four options — three on gasoline and one diesel.

Hyundai Sonata.....

The two-liter atmospheric petrol «four» capacity 163 hp And 196 Nm of torque. Acceleration from the place to 100 km / h occurs in 10.6 seconds. The maximum declared speed is set at 205 km / h.
1.6-liter gasoline four-cylinder turbo engine T-GDI with a power of 180 hp. And 265 Nm of torque. The acceleration from the place to 100 km / h occurs in 8.7 seconds. The maximum declared speed is set at 210 km / h.
Two-liter petrol turbocharged engine T-GDI of a new generation with a capacity of 245 hp. And 353 Nm of torque. Acceleration from the place to 100 km / h occurs in 7.5 seconds. The maximum declared speed is set at 240 km / h.
1,7-liter turbocharged VGT-diesel with four cylinders with a capacity of 141 hp. And 340 Nm of torque. Acceleration from the place to 100 km / h occurs in 11.0 seconds. The maximum declared speed is set at 202 km / h.

The first two power units and turbodiesel operate in tandem with a six-speed «automatic» or six-band manual gearbox. The third gasoline engine for the «charged» equipment of the 2018 car comes with a new eight-speed gearbox.

Hyundai Sonata 2018 video test

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