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Lexus GS 2018.

Lexus GS 2018.

Overview of the new Lexus GS 2018.

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The update of the Lexus GS 2017-2018 has gone the model for good. The fans of the brand can now enjoy an elegant, original, presentable sedan of the «E» class.

The front area of the car received compact blocks of optics with LED filling, made in L-shaped style. A new radiator grille with chrome framing looks great. This element consists of two levels, divided in the middle by a powerful crossbar. The lower area housed a wide mouth of the air intake.

A special highlight adds to the image of the car a stylish aerodynamic body kit with neat cells for the «fog». Indescribable elegance was achieved thanks to the sloping bonnet cover and large glazing of a slightly littered windshield.


Lexus GS.....

The profile part of the model looks impressive. The modern look consists of massive doors, discreet wheel arches, perfectly flat window-sill.

The back of the Lexus GS 2018 boasts slightly narrower headlights, a heavy fifth door with a high rib, and of course a large bumper. A special elegance is attached to the large rear window, which provides proper visibility.

Interior decoration


Lexus GS.

Photos of the interior of the novelty look luxurious, solid and presentable. The driver’s seat and the steering column can be moved apart relative to each other, making the landing very comfortable. The multi-wheel has a nice grip and a lot of control buttons.

The driver’s seat has up to 14 different settings, depending on the chosen equipment. The «assembly» consists of two dials of round shape, in the middle of which there is a display of the on-board computer. An interesting innovation — now the driver can change the color of the illumination of all devices, from blue to red.

The central console deserves special attention. Its top area is awarded with a huge 8 or 12.2-inch display that recognizes touches. Immediately under it, the developers installed a climate installation, namely its control panel.

Interior decoration is literally stuffed with decorative natural finishing materials, the quality of which is beyond praise.

The introduction of new technologies affected the improvement of noise insulation. The luggage compartment is now capable of accommodating up to 530 liters of load.

Lexus GS

The equipment of the car includes the following:
Ten airbags;
Auxiliary system at the start of the mountain;
On-board computer;
Xenon light engineering;
Running lights with a filling of LEDs;
Setting the driver’s seat in 14 positions.


Lexus GS..


Comparing the novelty with the previous generation, you can see that the former base of the wheels remained — 2850 mm.
The remaining dimensions of the GS 2018 are as follows:
The length of the fresh version is 4850 mm;
The width corresponds to 1840 mm;
In height, the sedan reaches 1470 mm.

Technical features of the sedan.


Lexus GS...

For first-class performance, the 350 and 250 V6 Dual VVT-I variants meet the new GS 450hV6 Dual VVT-i hybrid engine

1) GS 250 V6 Dual VVT-I: 209-hp 6.7-liter power unit. Provides acceleration to hundreds in 6.7 seconds. The peak speed is set at 225 km / h. The fuel consumption is 5.5 — 12.5 liters.
2) GS 350 AWDV6 Dual VVT-i: 317-hp engine with 6.3 liters. The maximum speed is 230 km / h. Acceleration to 100 km / h occurs in 6.2 seconds. Fuel consumption of the «hundred» — 6.2-13.4 liters.
2) GS450hV6 Dual VVT-I and electric motor: power 292 and 345 hp «Maximalka» — 230 hp, fuel consumption — 6.1-11.4 liters. Dispersal to «hundred» — 6.4 seconds.

In the tandem to the motors the manufacturer offers an automatic «six-step» or stepless box with electronic control.

The cost of cars.

In the domestic market, the manufacturer will offer three key variations of this model. The initial equipment will cost about 1,800,000 rubles. The maximum performance of the Lexus GS 2018 sedan will cost around 3,000,000 rubles.
For this amount, the buyer will receive interior decoration with high-quality leather, climate control (dual-zone), electric front-seat seats, 360-degree view camera, front and rear parking sensors.

The main competitors of the Lexus GS 2018.


Lexus GS....

Let’s sum up, and see what merits and demerits Lexus GS possesses, according to consumers’ reviews.

Exquisite decoration;
Comfortable interior;
Excellent technical indicators;
High initial equipment;
High build quality;
Excellent dynamics;
Acceptable noise insulation;
Stable operation by automatic transmission.

High cost and expensive maintenance;
Original parts are hard to find;
Unstable operation of the air conditioning system;
The paint and varnish coating is short-lived.

The main competitors of this car are the BMW 5-Series and Audi A6.
Audi has a pretty impressive presentable exterior. The car has aggressive rigid body lines, a comfortable very spacious interior, the level of assembly is amazing with its quality. Unlike other Audi representatives, the A6 model is characterized by positive dynamics, decent controllability, stable operation of all security systems.

To problems A6 it is possible to carry a bad noise isolation, the increased consumption of oil, not so comfortable landing, the overestimated price and expensive service.

The second rival in the person of BMW has a charismatic exterior, high-quality finishing elements, excellent ergonomics.

Pluses: noise isolation, controllability, comfortable chairs.
Cons: bad warming up of the car in the winter, high fuel consumption, problems with the steering rack.

Lexus GS 2018 video test

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