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Infiniti QX55 2022.

Infiniti QX55 2022.

Infiniti QX55 2022.

Infiniti QX55 2022: the ideological successor of the legendary crossover FX.

The Japanese have officially presented the coupe-like crossover Infiniti QX55, which is the ideological successor of the FX model, which was renamed QX70 in two thousand and thirteenth and was produced until the mid-seventeenth.

The new Infiniti QX55 2022 model is based on the second generation QX50, but externally has a number of differences from the source.

In particular, a different bumper and an enlarged radiator grill are installed at the front. Due to these components, the «face» is perceived to be more aggressive.

A unique feature of the cross-coupe profile is not only the roofline sloping to the stern, but also the smooth contour of the side glazing — the designers have abandoned the characteristic break in the rear roof pillar.

It should be noted that already in the base the car is installed on large 20-inch wheels.

Additionally, the Infiniti QX55 in a new body received a revised stern design with original lights, each of which uses forty-five LEDs.

Plus, the developers revised the location of the license plate: now it is not on the trunk lid, but at the very bottom of the bumper. By the way, you can open the fifth door by clicking on the logo.

Infiniti QX55 2022.

The company did not change the interior design — on the new QX55 it exactly repeats that on the «fifty».

There are the same analog instruments and two screens of the entertainment system located on the center console.

But for the cross-coupe, several special trim options with contrasting accents are offered. Plus it is the first model of the brand with wireless support for the Apple CarPlay interface.

Like the original model, the new 2022 Infiniti QX55 is built around a front-wheel-drive transverse engine platform.

Due to a different body shape, the coupe-like SUV reaches a length of 4,732 mm (+ 39), the size of the wheelbase is 2,800, the height is 1,622 mm (-56), the ground clearance (clearance) is declared at the level of 219 mm.

The second row of the crossover can be moved forward / backward within 150 mm, while the default boot volume is 762 liters (- 133).

Infiniti QX55 2022.

With the rear seats folded down, the storage capacity reaches 1,532 liters (- 167). The technical stuffing on the Infiniti Cu X 55 is the same as on the donor.

The car is powered by a 2.0-liter VC Turbo engine with variable compression ratio and combined injection.

Working in tandem with a CVT, this motor produces 272 hp. and 380 Nm, although for Russia it will probably be deformed to 249 forces.

QX55 can be both front- and all-wheel drive — in the second case, a clutch is used to connect the rear axle. In fact, the only technical feature of the cross-coupe is the suspension retuned for a sportier way.

Initial versions of the model are said to have a conventional electric power steering, while the top-end models have Direct Adaptive Steering, where commands from the steering wheel to the wheels are transmitted via wires.

The gear ratio, as well as the sharpness of the steering wheel, directly depend on the selected mode and speed.

Infiniti QX55 2022.

Also available for the optional ProPilot Assist system, which is a trail autopilot. The start of sales of the new Infiniti QX55 is scheduled for the spring of 2021 — the first to buy a car in the United States.

Then the geography of sales will be expanded — deliveries of the model to Russia should be expected in the third or fourth quarter of the twenty-first.

Options and prices for the car will be announced later, and among its competitors on the market will be the Audi Q5 Sportback and BMW X4 and Mercedes GLC Coupe.

Buyers will be able to get the QX55 in eight body colors. Two standard options: Dynamic Sunstone Red and Slate Gray.

Also on display will be Majestic White, Liquid Platinum, Graphite Shadow, Mineral Black, Black Obsidian and Hermosa Blue.

The QX55 comes exclusively with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a CVT that sends power to the all-wheel drive system.

Infiniti QX55 2022.

The power plant produces 270 horsepower and 380 Nm of torque. During normal driving, the transmission sends 100 percent of the power to the front wheels, but can send up to 50 percent of the power to the rear wheels when it gets slippery.

Inside, the QX55 features an Infiniti dual touchscreen, with an 8-inch top display for the infotainment system and a 7-inch lower monitor for various vehicle controls.

The technology supports the Apply CarPlay wireless interface, but a cable connection is required to use Android Auto. There are three USB Type-A ports and one Type-C for charging devices.

High-quality interior trims with a choice of three leathers accentuate the premium feel of the spacious interior, while the sliding rear row of seats strikes the right balance between spaciousness in the second row and boot space.

The QX55 will be available in three trim levels: Luxe, Essential and Sensory.

Sensory features a 16-speaker Bose stereo, head-up display, open-cell maple wood trim and semi-aniline leather upholstery in Monaco Red and Graphite.

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