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Kia K5 2021.

Kia K5 2021.

Kia K5 2021.

The arrival of the 2021 Kia K5 in Russia is a question that has already been resolved, since the manufacturer has already reported on the successful completion of the model’s certification, and the technical characteristics of the complete sets approved for sale in Russia are about to appear in the Rosstandart database.

At the same time, dealers report that at least two versions of the new sedan will go on sale — 2 liters (150 hp) and 2.5 liters (194 hp), both front-wheel drive and «armed» with automatic transmissions, engine features “2.5” is what the newest 8-speed “automatic” is equipped with.


Released in November last year, the new KIA Optima radically changed its appearance, and six months after its debut, it became clear that the updated model would be sold globally under the name Kia K5 2021, which the sedan wore at home and in China.

Kia K5 2021.

The decision is more than logical, since the external transformation of the car actually led to the creation of a bright fastback, sporting a stylish and very dynamic exterior design.

And the way the new look of the South Korean Kia K5 sedan of the 2021 model year inherited a lot from the fourth-generation Optima, the developers clearly count on increased attention to their new product, because in addition to the original external modifications, it is promised a wide variety of power units, including hybrid ones.


The 2021 Kia K5 shares the platform with the more representative Sonata and has added 50 mm. in body length, of which 45 mm. fell on the increased wheelbase (2850 mm.)

The car completely changed the design of the front end, where a wide radiator grille with a hood hanging over it was now formed. The expressiveness of the front end is also given by «predatory» LED headlights and three huge air intakes in the bumper.

The rear of the sedan is adorned with dotted rear optics and a stylish aluminum diffuser nestled between the two tailpipes of the exhaust system.

An interesting decision of the designers was the transfer of the side mirror mounts below the window sill line, but the upper part of the side glazing was framed by a beautiful chrome strip that smoothly flows down the rear pillars and runs along the lower edge of the rear window.

Kia K5 2021.


The interior of the Korean fastback Kia K5 2021 is made purely in a high-tech key: touch-sensitive climate control buttons, a 10.25-inch touchscreen for the media system, a virtual dashboard (for expensive modifications), a washer for selecting transmission modes.

The corporate multi-wheel fits well into this ensemble, and the unusual illumination along the handles on the door cards and partially along the front panel makes the interior more fashionable and modern.

Modifications and options for Russia

The Russian market will get modifications of the Kia K5 2021 with the well-known 2.0-liter MPI, which was installed on Optima earlier and which is now part of the line of engines of the new Sonata.

It is a 150 horsepower engine with 192 Nm of torque, assisted by a six-speed automatic transmission.
An alternative option for Russian buyers is a modification with a 2.5-liter 194-horsepower GDI and a new «box» 8-automatic transmission with two clutches. There is also a high probability that a GT modification will arrive in Russia.

Kia K5 2021.

GT version: 290 «forces» and four-wheel drive

The «hot» version of the Kia K5 GT 2021 will debut in the US, where Koreans expect the greatest demand for this modification.

The tests of the most powerful car in the lineup are in the most active stage, as spies have already managed to capture a completely camouflaged sedan, which has left visible only the «four-barrel» exhaust system.

As for the engine, GT-NEWS experts expect to see a completely new turbocharged engine of the Theta3 family of 2.5 liters under the hood of the K5.

The expected power of the power plant is about 290 liters. from. The transmission is an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission giving the charged sedan all-wheel drive.

Kia K5 2021.

When will it be released in Russia?

Kia K5 2021 model year is promised to be brought to Russia no later than August of the 20th year. Prices for the new product have not yet been announced, but its gasoline modifications in South Korea are estimated at more than $ 20 thousand (1.3-1.4 million rubles).

For comparison, the Kia Optima in the Prestige version with a 2.0 petrol engine (150 hp) is currently sold in dealerships for 1.6-1.7 million rubles.

As for the hybrid, its appearance is not yet planned. The cost of the K5 sedan with a gasoline-electric power unit at home is estimated at $ 23.4 thousand.

Technical stuffing of the global model

In Russia, the 2021 Kia K5 model year will be sold at the start with two naturally aspirated engines:

• 2 liters (150 HP);
• 2.5 liters (194 hp).

The first unit will be paired with a six-speed «automatic», and a more powerful engine will be equipped with a new 8-speed automatic transmission.

Probably, the decision to remove modifications with manual transmission from the lineup was influenced by the fact that the Optima of the previous generation with a manual «box» made up only 3% of sales.

In South Korea, the 2021 Kia K5 gets a decent engine lineup, represented by a 160 hp 2.0-liter petrol engine. with., a gas 146-strong installation of the same displacement, a turbocharged 1.6-liter unit with 180 liters. from. and a gasoline-electric power tandem, giving out 195 «forces».

All versions rely on automatic transmissions: an eight-speed turbo engine, and the rest with six speeds.

In the case of the hybrid, the electric motor is embedded in the «box», and a separate traction battery is provided for its power, which is recharged using a solar battery that occupies the entire roof surface.

It is also known that the most expensive equipment of the Kia K5 2020 will have:

• 9 airbags;
• multimedia system with voice control;
• climate control and heating systems for seats, windows, steering wheel with voice control;
• interior trim made of eco-leather;
• Krell audio system;
• branded video recorder;
• panoramic roof;
• automatic braking system;
• automatic parking system and many others. dr.

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