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Lifan X 80.

Lifan X 80.

Lifan X 80.

Budget 2016 model year crossovers.

Another interesting novelty, which «will reach» in our country in 2016 from China, will become a major crossover Lifan X 80. Perhaps this is the first car of this class from China, which boasts an interesting, completely original and modern design.


The vehicle is recognizable and attractive without any discounts on the «Chinese» origin. The creators of the full-size crossover hinted that Lifan X 80 is designed to compete with such «giants» crossover market, as new KIA Sorento Prime Rilot and Honda, but as this statement is close to reality, is still unknown.


However, while there is no precise information on the start date of the car sales in the country, because the crisis has forced many automakers to significantly raise prices for their products.

The Lifan understand that the only chance in the struggle for Russian buyers may be advantageous cost of the car, and so far only are considering the possibility of starting a local assembly and sales model.

I must say that in general, Lifan X 80 was a very interesting and modern model of a large crossover.


Vehicles With multimedia system with LCD screen, almost all modern options, including climate control, heated seats, etc. all, and the interior design style is very modern.

The quality of materials used is also at an acceptable level, which indicates a significant «work on the bugs.» As for the powertrain, the Lifan X 80 will be equipped with only one engine working volume of 2.4 liters with a turbine capacity of 200 horsepower.

The machine will be available in a version with a five-speed manual transmission or a dedicated six «automatic».
Video — information about the Chinese Lifan crossover X 80:


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